Staffordshire graduate hoping to work on more movie blockbusters

“The course helped prepare me by giving me the chance to speak to people in the industry to get these kinds of opportunities."

Mike March, BSc(Hons) Film Production Technology

It wasn’t the end of the world for one Staffordshire graduate leaving University as he received a first class honours degree to sit alongside his growing portfolio of experience in special effects.

Mike March, who graduated this summer from BSc(Hons) Film Production Technology has worked on a variety of box office hits, including The World’s End which featured Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and is hoping to now find a permanent post in the industry.

“I got to work in the special effects department on The World’s End with Blank Pictures Ltd, I worked on the alien’s eyes.

“I made a set of LEDs inside safety goggles and wired it all up. The visual effects department then use that as a first layer for creating the rest of the effect,” explained the 21-year-old.

Mike believes the course’s reputation and close-links to the industry have given him the opportunity to network with professionals in the field.

“The course helped prepare me by giving me the chance to speak to people in the industry to get these kinds of opportunities.

“When I first applied for the course the big incentive was that they did offer the placement year and I could take time out to better myself and meet a lot of people.

“I was told to be relentless and never take no for an answer and constantly bug people to get some work,” he explained.

Mike expanded his experience by working in special effects for Norman Productions Ltd on the film Fury which features Hollywood star Brad Pitt.

Mike from South-West London said: “I also worked on a Brad Pitt film called Fury which is coming out in November which is a World War Two film about tanks.

“We did all the on-set effects from blowing stuff up to making light-weight props.”

Mike is now hoping to secure a full-time role within the industry and reckons the tools that Staffordshire University has given him will bode well for the future

“Now that I have graduated I hopefully have enough contacts to go straight back in and start working with them.

“It has been really positive and helped me get a foot through the door of the industry and it has sent me on my way,” he added.

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