Staffordshire University leads 1.3 million euro project to develop Middle East entrepreneurship

A NEW 1.3 million euro project to develop entrepreneurship in the Middle East is being led by Staffordshire University Business School.

The project also includes universities in Greece, Italy, France and Belgium, who will work together to enhance entrepreneurship education in six universities in Jordan, Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories.

It is hoped ASPIRE (Achieving Sustainable Programmes in Regeneration and Entrepreneurship), which is funded by the European Union’s Tempus Programme, will help towards economic development and political stability in the Middle East.

Dr Ian Jackson, Enterprise Reader at Staffordshire University, said: “ASPIRE is a three year programme – starting on October 15 –  that will involve bringing professors and tutors here from our partner universities in the Middle East to help them develop entrepreneurship courses in their own universities.

“We, together with our European partners, will help the six universities in the Middle East to develop distance learning programmes, enterprise pathways and a Masters programme in entrepreneurship.” 

He added: “The six universities from the EU have different areas of expertise in entrepreneurship that are complementary.

“We hope that this project will improve the education of entrepreneurs in the three countries and contribute to their economic development and political stability.”

The team responsible for carrying out the programme at Staffordshire University includes Dr Ian Jackson (coordinator), Professor Iraj Hashi, Professor Mike Clements, Dr Ahmad Mlouk, Jenny Herbert, Tom Ward, and Marion Morris.

They led the bid for funding from the Tempus Programme, which supports the modernisation of higher education in the European Union’s partners and neighbouring countries.

Staffordshire University has been the coordinator of 11 Tempus funded projects, in the field of business and economics, since the Tempus scheme was originally launched in 1991.


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