Student grad soundtrack competition

a group of graduates put their hat into sky

Composers, musicians, conductors, and anyone else with any musical flair, are being given the opportunity to showcase their talents to thousands.

Staffordshire University students are getting the chance to compete for a contract to produce the full soundtrack for 2008’s Graduation DVD.

The competition, open to all students, involves producing a four minute soundtrack to the “Best Of…” clip from last years DVD which will then be used to decide the winner.

The prize is the opportunity to write the 15 minute score for this year’s film, upon which they will get full credits, as well as £200.

Reels In Motion, the local award winning film company founded by Staffordshire University graduates Matt Hubbard, Phil Bland and Joe Gordon, are producing the DVD following their success last year.

Phil Bland, Company Director at Reels In Motion, said: “Last year we used professionals from the industry but we thought it would be a much better product all round if we involved the students. It was a great DVD last year which was very successful but we feel confident that someone will be able to come up with something better and we think that the students can do that.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for them for a number of reasons. The winner will get real life experience in the industry with a professional contract. It gives them an opportunity that they wouldn’t usually get unless they were already working in the industry.”