Talk from Polar Explorer headlines Staffordshire University’s Diversity Events

Multicoloured balloons

A lecture by Polar explorer and honorary graduate Ann Daniels is among the exciting events at Staffordshire University’s Celebrating Diversity 2008.

The programme of events runs from February 18 until mid-March and also includes a selection of films and lectures, exhibitions of food and clothing from around the world and a day of prayer.

Ann Daniels received an honorary doctorate from Staffordshire University in July last year for her contribution to the field of sciences in her exploration work.

She will present a talk in The Pavilions in College Road on March 10.

Other highlights include a talk from robotics lecturer Sam Wane who discusses travel, different cultures and his world trip on February 27, and the One World party, which gives students a chance to show off their cultures and talents, in the LRV on March 8.

Honorary graduate and former Mayor of Stoke, Mike Wolfe, will give a talk entitled: ‘The elements of the oppression of gay people and why it’s bad for business,’ while University senior chaplain Benedict Cambridge will produce podcasts called ‘Deeper.…Life, the Universe and Everything.’

A number of Celebrating Diversity events run throughout the month including quiz nights, cuisine, competitions, discussions and dyslexia awareness.

Equality and Diversity manager Clare Ridgley said the aim of the month was to celebrate the diverse community at Staffordshire University.

“We want to raise awareness about different aspects of diversity such as culture, religion, age and disability and to give staff and students a chance to share some of their knowledge and experiences around equality issues,” she said.

“The whole event is designed to be varied so that there is something for everyone whatever their age, gender, background, interests or role within the University. There are talks and lectures, shows and events, displays and exhibitions, quizzes and competitions, training, prayer, parties and music.”

For more information, please visit the Equality and Diversity Website.