Tony and Louise are light years ahead

Graduates Louise Gill and Tony Henderson celebrating their results with award leader Bob Shaw

Tony Henderson and partner Louise Gill believe the skills acquired on the Forensic Computing degree puts them at the forefront of a new technological revolution.
Tony and Louise met at Staffordshire University after enrolling on the BSc(Hons) Forensic Computing course and believe their University experience has been First class.
Tony, 22, said: "Staffordshire was the only place offering forensic computing and it has a great reputation for computing courses so it seemed the obvious place to go. It has been very enjoyable and I've learnt lots of new things as it's quite wide in the subjects it covers."
Having both achieved a First, Louise, 24, has already landed a job in the field working as a software engineer for a government department while Tony has his sights set on a job with West Midlands Police Force Forensics Division.
Said Tony: "It's a commercial position in an area which is only just emerging and it'll be really good to get involved while it's still in its early stages."
Louise added: "I was offered a job after an interview on completing my placement year ­- it was a huge relief to have a job offer actually in place for when I finished the degree provided I got the results, and now I am due to start there later this year after a summer placement at CERN in Switzerland.

"CERN is the European Centre for Nuclear Research, and conducts research using the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator. I was accepted as a summer student to work as a software developer for the software used by the physicists to analyse their results. Its a really exciting placement as CERN is working to answer the fundamental questions of the universe, and the software I am working on will help them to do that!"