Photography project centres on Birmingham Ladies football team

Alex Perry

A unique photography project centred on Birmingham City Ladies football team is to be exhibited showing the gritty determination of women with a passion for the sport.

Alex Perry, graduating photography student from Staffordshire University, has created a series of portraits depicting the conditions women have to put up with in the pursuit of a sport dominated by the men’s league.

The selection of portraits, which will be on show at the University’s annual Arts Media and Design degree show from June 7-14 at their Stoke campus on College Road, represent the difficulties of the women’s game, lack of investment and complete contrast to the standard of conditions readily available to their male counterparts.

Her work was made even more remarkable as she declined the use of digital technology in favour of traditional photography methods, using only a fill-in flash and natural ambient lighting to help promote the message she is trying to get across to her audience.

Alex gained permission to carry out her project after contacting the football club directly and arranged a shoot with the team, who may be present at the degree show, giving them only basic instructions to get a realistic image of them.

Alex said: “I told the players where to stand, to look at the camera and not to smile, because it makes them think about other things like how they come across to the camera.

“I hope it tells the audience that women can achieve anything that they want to achieve especially in a very male dominated society like football just by pure determination, willingness and the ability not to give up.

“As a team they have nothing but they try so hard and so eager to carry on going no matter what. It’s one of the traits that I love so much and it just caught me and got swept away with it.”