World first for Feature Film course

James Fair on the set on his own feature film, Peppermint, with actresses’ Selina Giles and Jennifer Oliver.

Talented filmmakers will have the opportunity to get their hands on a £100,000 budget with the launch of an exclusive new course, the first of its kind in the world.

The MSc in Digital Feature Film Production at Staffordshire University will give a team of seven of the best filmmakers from around the world £100,000 worth of budget and equipment, to produce a professional feature length film of their choice, from serious documentary to action adventure.

The course is already considered highly prestigious and has attracted sponsorship from Panasonic, who will be helping with equipment needs during the course, Quadrant Visual Solutions, one of the UK’s premier Audio Visual companies and Sequence Post-Production LTD (SPP), part of the Pinewood Studios community who will also be offering their services during the films post production process.

Andy Paton, Senior Lecturer in Entertainment Technology, said: “When we first proposed the idea it seemed everyone really liked it and we have had lots of interest and applications for the course already.”

“There are only a select amount of places on the course, basically one person for each role associated with filmmaking.”

The course will begin in April and it is hoped that it will push the boundaries of digital cinema, taking advantage of innovative equipment throughout.

Entertainment Technology Lecturer James Fair came up with the original concept for the new course.  He said: “This will give students a genuine opportunity to make what they want fully and without compromise.”

“Our lecturing team will be overseeing and executively producing the feature film.  At the moment there is not a lot of synergy between the industry and Higher Education, but producing feature length films in the course should change that.”

“Feature length has a much wider scope and the students can produce something with a real market value. The sponsors involved are a big attraction for people in the industry and the post production values will be of a high industry standard.  This course is the first of its kind in the world and therefore it will put our courses, the University and Staffordshire itself on the filmmaking map.”

For more information about the MSc in Digital Feature Film Production, contact the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Technology on 01785 353370, or visit fcet website.