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Congratulations and welcome to Staffordshire University Partnerships. Staffordshire University has worked for many years in partnership with a wide range of organisations both in the UK and internationally. A key approach to our collaborative work involves Staffordshire University franchising awards for delivery by a partner.  This means that students enrol with Staffordshire University but are taught their award by lecturers in the partner organisation. This approach has created a network of partners, allowing students to study near to where they live or work.

If you are one of our new learners you will shortly be receiving information from the institution where you will be studying regarding induction and any further instructions. If you are one of our continuing students studying at one of our partner institutions welcome back, we hope that this year will continue to be a successful and enjoyable experience.

Resources provided by Staffordshire University

As a Staffordshire University student studying at a partner provider you are entitled to access various resources either electronically or, if you are near to one of our campuses, then by visiting us in person. You will need to have your Staffordshire University student ID to access some of these.