Dr Andy Platt

Associate Professor

School of Law, Policing and Forensics

Associate Professor in Inorganic and Forensic Chemistry

I studied for my BSc and PhD at Durham university and worked as a postdoctoral research assistant at Exeter, Leicester and Warwick Universities. I am an Associate Professor in Inorganic and Forensic Chemistry.

Professional memberships and activities

  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society

Academic qualifications

  • BSc (Chemistry 1977)
  • PhD (1980) Aspects of the Chemistry of Phosphorus Halides and Pseudohalides


  • Lanthanide coordination chemistry

  • Forensic document analysis

Research interests

  • Coordination chemistry of lanthanide ions with phosphine oxide ligands and the application of such complexes

  • Forensic document analysis including handwriting analysis


  • Chemistry at level 1 and 2 of the forensic science degree
  • Document analysis on the undergraduate programme


Publications since 2010

  • Cerium(III) and cerium(IV) nitrate complexes of trialkylphosphine oxides
    S.J.Coles, S.J.Fieldhouse, W.T.Klooster and A.W.G.Platt
    Polyhedron 161 (2019) 346-351

  • Lanthanide Phosphine Oxide Complexes,
    Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 340 (2017), 62-78

  • Synthesis, structural characterisation and solution behaviour of high symmetry lanthanide triflate complexes with the sterically demanding phosphine oxides Cy3PO and tBu3PO
    S.J. Coles M. B. Pitak and A. W. G. Platt
    Eur. J. Inorg. Chem (2017) 1464-1471

  • The interactions between the sterically demanding trimesitylphosphine oxide and trimesityphosphine with scandium and selected lanthanide ions.
    Andrew W G Platt, Kuldip Singh
    J. Mol. Struct. 1111 (2016) 180-184

  • Latent Fingermark Interaction with Iron Oxide Wet Powder Suspension
    Francesca Stubbs, Sarah.J.Fieldhouse, Andrew W.G.Platt and
    Stephen M.Bleay
    Fingerprint Whorld 40, (2015), 4-11

  • Complexes of Lanthanide Bromides with tricyclohexylphosphine oxide
    Allen Bowden, Anthony M.J.Lees and Andrew W G Platt
    Polyhedron 91, (2015) 110-119

  • Lanthanide Nitrate Complexes with triisopropylphosphine oxide
    Allen Bowden, Simon J. Coles, Mateusz B. Pitak and Andrew W. G. Platt
    Polyhedron 68 258 - 264(2014)

  • Complexes of Lanthanide Chlorides with tricyclohexylphosphine oxide
    Anthony M.J.Lees and Andrew W G Platt
    Polyhedron 67 368- 372 (2014)

  • The Use of Simple Dimensional Measurements in the Analysis of
    Simulated Signatures: A Preliminary Study.
    Rukshana Boshir and Andrew W. G. Platt
    J. Soc. Am. Quest. Doc. 15, 15 – 19, (2012)

  • Lanthanide Nitrate Complexes with Triethylphosphine Oxide. Solid
    state and solution properties.
    Allen Bowden , Kuldip Singh and Andrew W.G.Platt
    Polyhedron 42, 30- 35, (2012)

  • Complexes of Lanthanide Nitrates with tri tert butylphosphine oxide
    Allen Bowden, Simon J. Coles, Mateusz B. Pitak and Andrew W. G.
    Inorganic Chemistry 51, 4379-4389, (2012)

  • Structural Variations in a Series of Lanthanide Nitrate Complexes with
    an Unsymmetrical Diphosphonate (MeO)2P(O)C(CH2)CH2P(O)(OMe)2
    Roman A. Kresinski, Anthony M. J. Lees, and Andrew W. G. Platt
    Polyhedron 33, 341-346, (2012)

  • Systematic structural studies on cobalt(II) complexes of
    tricyclohexylphosphine oxide and related ligands
    Rafael Bou-Moreno, Simon A. Cotton, Verity Hunter, Kathryn Leonard,
    Andrew W. G. Platt, Paul R. Raithby and Stefanie Schiffers
    Polyhedron 30, 2832-2836, (2011)

  • Lanthanide nitrate complexes of tri-isobutylphosphine oxide: solid state
    and CD2Cl2 solution structures.
    Allen Bowden, Peter N Horton and Andrew W G Platt
    Inorganic Chemistry 50, 2553-2561, (2011)

  • Determination of the sequence of latent fingermarks and writing or
    printing on white office paper.
    Nikolaos D. Kalantzis, Sarah J. Fieldhouse and Andrew W.G. Platt
    Forensic Science International 206, 155- 160, (2011)

  • The influence of gender on the ability to simulate handwritten
    A study of Arabic writers
    Abdulaziz Al-Musa Alkahtani and Andrew W G Platt
    Journal of Forensic Science 56, 950- 953, (2011)

  • A statistical study of the relative difficulty of freehand simulation of
    form, proportion, and line quality in Arabic signatures
    Abdulaziz Al-Musa Alkahtani and Andrew W G Platt
    Science and Justice 50, 72–76, (2010)

  • The effect of cataractous vision on the general characteristics of
    handwriting: a preliminary study.
    M. Pertsinakis, S. Plainis, A. Limnopoulou, T. Giannakopoulou T1,
    O. Iliaki, M.K. Tsilimbaris, I.G.Pallikaris, A.W.R. Jackson and A.W.G.Platt
    Acta Ophthalmologica 88, s246, (2010)

  • Complexes of triphenylphosphine oxide with lanthanide bromides
    Allen Bowden, Andrew W G Platt, Kuldip Singh and Rachel Townsend
    Inorganica Chimica Acta 363, 243 – 249, (2010)

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