Dr Gavin Mcstay

Associate Professor

School of Health, Science and Wellbeing

My research interests focus on the roles mitochondria play in aspects of eukaryotic life, ranging from their origin, metabolism, biogenesis and role they play in cell death pathways. These are interrogated using biochemical, molecular biology, genetic and cell biology techniques. I incorporate these interests into classes I teach to provide an understanding of practical techniques and also the current literature in the field. I am also a strong supporter of scientific communications and outreach to disseminate scientific developments and knowledge to a broader audience with the goal of increasing the general support of the scientific process.

Professional memberships and activities

Biochemical Society

Genetics Society

Microbiology Society

New York Academy of Sciences

Society for Applied Microbiology

Academic qualifications

Ph.D., University of Bristol “Molecular characterisation of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore”, 2003
B.Sc., University of Leeds, Biochemistry with industrial placement, 1999


Mitochondrial physiology and cell death pathways in model systems using biochemical, molecular biology, genetic, and cell biology techniques.

Research interests

Current interests focus on the signaling pathways engaged during mitochondrial quality control and cell death pathways in relation to normal cell function and disease.

PhD supervision on adipocyte differentiation, stress genes in plants, and genomic data use.


Enterprise and commercial interests

Development of Biomed News, a machine learning based biomedical research abstract announcement services – http://biomed.news.


  • Course leader for MSc Molecular Biology

    MSc Molecular Biology teaching – Practical DNA Analysis, MSc Molecular Biology project and other modules.


    BSc Biology and Biomedical Science courses – Molecular Genetics & Genetic Engineering, Genomics & Bioinformatics and biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology material in other modules.


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