Lizzie Squires


School of Digital, Technologies and Arts

I am a Lecturer in Esports Event Management and have a background in industry running and co owning my own esports organisation here in the UK for the last few years. My specialisms and experience have seen me run both experiential and esports events ranging from small panels, scrims and interviews to larger online charity and major EA licenced multiplayer tournaments.

I am and have always been a gamer, right from the early days of Pac-man and PS1 right up to now enjoying RTS MMORPG and some (I say some!) SP FPS and team-based FPS games.

Before my foray into the esports ecosystem my focus was psychology with a specific in kinesthetics (body language) SEN provision, marketing, and communications. I have a passion for all of these and how they can impact and affect relationships in any sector of society.

I am also a Women in Games Ambassador, and passionate about supporting and promoting all minority and underrepresented groups in the gaming and esports ecosystem

Professional memberships and activities

Graduate Basis for Registration - British Psychological Society

Academic qualifications

BSc (Hons) Human Psychology


  • Event Management
  • Communications
  • GFX and Design
  • Esports psychology
  • Esports organisation management
  • Marketing and social media
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Being extremely bad at FPS but still plays

Research interests

  • Gender bias in gaming
  • Historical marketing decisions and their effects on the esports ecosystem
  • How Gen Z learn and using effective strategies to increase engagement and learning
  • How recent changes in the ecosystem are affecting player engagement
  • Communication strategies in management
  • Esports psychological benefits to teams and organisational structures

Enterprise and commercial interests

My commercial interests focus around my own esports organisation, Vulpine Esports.

Vulpine was set up in 2020 in response to the culture of toxicity and negativity permeating the esports ecosystem, particularly at the amateur level. We have an ethos that skill expertise and passion override any ideal of cultural ‘norms’ and we have people from all walks of life in our teams staff and members.

Because of our unusual USP we have been recognised and given partner status from UKIE (alongside Xbox PlayStation and other major gaming institutions) as well as partnered with Safe in Our World (a mental health charity specifically for gamers) for our work and contributions to promoting positivity and professionalism in the amateur and T3 level ecosystem. We are the first esports organisation in the UK to attain both accolades and extremely proud of our achievements and advancements so far.

Vulpine was also a runner up in the esports organisation of the year award coming second with a huge talent and range of organisations.

We have also recently been nominated in the prestigious GamerHERs 2021 awards for Most Inclusive Org

As well as Vulpine I have personal links with many different people who work within esports in Education Not for Profit and Industry such as the British Esports Association, casters and producers, organisation owners and staff and I hope to grow that list over the next couple of years.



  • Event management
  • Communications
  • Planning and strategy
  • Multiplayer events
  • Expo
  • Team and organisation structures
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