Dr Sarah Krahenbuhl

Senior Lecturer

School of Health, Science and Wellbeing

I first graduated with a BSocSc in Social Anthropology and following completion of a PGCE taught young children in schools both in the UK and abroad. Whilst teaching I completed my BSc in Psychology with the Open University. I was awarded ESRC 1+3 funding to study for my Masters and PhD at the University of Sheffield.

I am now a part-time lecturer at Staffordshire University and course leader for Forensic Psychology. I have been invited to provide independent Expert Witness assessments of children’s testimony for both the Family and Criminal Courts.

Professional memberships and activities

I am a Chartered Psychologist with the BPS. I am also an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

Academic qualifications

BSocSc (Hons) Social Anthropology
BSc (Hons) Psychology
MSc Research Methods


My main area of expertise is in legal proceedings involving child witnesses and victims. I focus on the investigative strategies used with children, the professionals involved, and subsequent court proceedings.

Research interests

I have conducted analyses of the effect and implementation of question repetition in children’s investigative interviews. I am now conducting studies into professional perceptions of appropriate questioning, the effect and implementation of ground rules, the role and impact of Registered Intermediaries, and attrition rates for referrals involving children.

Enterprise and commercial interests

I have been an award holder of a British Academy grant (in conjunction with Dr. Mark Blades of Sheffield and Dr. Julie Cherryman of Portsmouth universities) for a study on ground rules implementation. I have also been Social Research Lead on a Nottingham University project on Children's Perceptions of their Experiences through Legal Proceedings for the Fundamental Rights Agency.


I am module leader for Level 6 Forensic Applications of Psychology. I also contribute to the following courses: Foundations in Psychology, Perspectives in Psychology, Psychological Contexts of Crime and Punishment, Psychology of Crime and Criminal Justice, Psychology of Crime and Criminality, and People Behaving Badly. I supervise final year undergraduate research projects and am a PhD supervisor.

Postgraduate supervision

I am a PhD supervisor to students at Staffordshire University and at Sheffield University.



Krähenbühl, S. J. (2018, online only at present). Mock jurors’ perceptions of a child witness: The impact of the presence and/or intervention of a Registered Intermediary during cross-examination. Psychology, Crime and Law.

Krähenbühl, S. J., & Dent, H. R. (2017, online only at present). Attrition in child abuse cases: The views of ex-Police Officers in the United Kingdom. Journal of Interpersonal Violence

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Conference Presentations

2016 March, Intermediaries for Justice Conference. Invited speaker. Paper presentation ‘Justice for Children: Myth or Reality?’.

2015 December, BPS Division of Clinical Psychology. Paper presentation on ex-Police Officers perception of the reasons for attrition in Child Protection cases.

2012 April, European Conference of Psychology and Law. Paper presentation on ground rule implementation. Paper presentation on Expert Witness assessment of children’s testimony

2010 March, North Wales Family Justice Council, CPD conference. Paper presentation on ABE interviewing.

2009 Hanley Court. Paper presentation on ABE interviewing.

2008 March, International Investigative Interviewing Research Group, University of Derby, Paper presentation

2007 March, Society for Research in Child Development, Boston, USA, Poster presentation.

2006 July, International Investigative Interviewing Conference, University of Portsmouth. Paper presentation.

2005 December, 8th International Investigative Psychology Conference, London. Paper presentation.

2005 September, British Psychological Society Developmental Conference, University of Edinburgh. Poster presentation.

2005 March, Earlier the Better Conference, Stoke-on-Trent. Poster presentation.

2005 April, Society for Research into Child Development Conference, Atlanta, USA, Poster presentation.

2004 September, British Psychological Society Developmental Conference, Leeds Metropolitan University. Poster presentation.

2004 May, Forensic Psychology Research Group Conference, Open University, Poster presentation.

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