Dan McCarthy

Job Title and Responsibilities

Senior Lecturer
Course Leader:  CGI and Visual Effects


About me

I run the visual effects course at the university. I love invisible effects for film, where you have truly fooled an audience as to the reality of what they are watching. My interests within VFX tend towards the technical e.g. Simulation, pipeline and scripting. I like to approach artistic problems with an analytical mindset and I believe that CG and VFX is an area where art and science truly meet and mesh together beautifully.  


BSc(Hons) Media Technology
PGC Higher and Professional Education 
MSc Advanced Technology


I have a good knowledge and understanding of the VFX production pipeline from shooting footage for VFX, matchmoving, layout, modelling, rigging, look development, scripting, simulation and compositing. My particular focus and interest is in the technical aspects of VFX and CGI in particular on scripting for pipeline management, procedural generation (specifically for environment creation) and simulation.  

Enterprise and Commercial Activities

Outlining viable, short deadline VFX pipelines and delivering training on Matchmoving to VFX artists

Research and Interests

My research interests are related to crowd simulation. In particular the area around ‘tipping points’ in crowd panic and mass evacuation scenarios. This was the topic of my master’s thesis.  

Current Teaching


3D Modelling for VFX
Scripting Concepts for VFX
Dynamics and Simulation for VFX
Digital Compositing 2 
Senior Visual Effects Project


Dan McCarthy
L519 Flaxman Building
t: +44 (0)1782 294620
e: d.j.mccarthy@staffs.ac.uk