Jamie Gillman

Job roles and responsibilities

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology

  • Teaching across undergraduate and postgraduate awards in the area of sport and exercise psychology.
  • Conducting and publishing research. 
  • Delivering various workshops and activities related to sport and exercise psychology.

About me

I am a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology in the School of Life Sciences and Education. I teach sport and exercise psychology across both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. I am also an active researcher within the subject area, conducting and publishing research.

I graduated from Staffordshire University in Sport and Exercise Psychology in 2013, before completing an MSc at Staffordshire University in the same discipline. In November 2015, I started a PhD examining the role of social identification in psychophysiological responses to stress under the supervision of Dr Martin Turner, Dr Matthew Slater, and Dr Jamie Barker. In January 2018, I began the role of Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Staffordshire University. 


  • PhD (Expected 11/2018)- Staffordshire University

  • PgCHPE - Staffordshire University 2018

  • MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology (Distinction) - Staffordshire University 2015

  • Introduction to Basic Counselling Skills - Staffordshire University 2014

  • BSc Sport and Exercise Psychology (2:1 with Honours) - Staffordshire University 2013

Professional memberships and activities

Member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) since 2017
Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) since 2013
Member of the Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology (DSEP) since 2013


Primarily, my expertise lay in the psychology of performance under pressure. In particularly around the areas of stress and emotion, challenge and threat states, social identity, and social support. These areas of expertise inform my teaching and research.

Enterprise and Commercial Activities

I have delivered a number of sport psychology workshops to a wide range of audiences, whether be students, athletes, coaches, parents, or the general public.

Research interests

The main focus of my research is broadly around the areas of social identity and stress. I am particularly interested in the psychophysiological reactions to a pressured situation (e.g. sporting performance, exams, presentations, interviews) and how we can use research findings to help inform better coping strategies. As part of my doctoral research I use psychophysiological testing methods in the laboratory to examine how individuals respond to stressful situations. Specifically, exploring how social factors can influence the stress response.

Selected Publications

  • Dixon, M., Turner, M. J., and Gillman, J. (2017). Examining the relationships between challenge and threat cognitive appraisals and coaching behaviours in football coaches. Journal of sports sciences, 35(24), 2446-2452.
  • Gidlow, C. J., Randall, J., Gillman, J., Silk, S., and Jones, M. V. (2016). Hair cortisol and self-reported stress in healthy, working adults. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 63, 163-169.
  • Gidlow, C. J., Randall, J., Gillman, J., Smith, G. R., and Jones, M. V. (2016). Natural environments and chronic stress measured by hair cortisol. Landscape and Urban Planning, 148, 61-67.

Current teaching


  • Fundamentals of the Psychology of Sport, Exercise (Level 4).
  • Developing Research Skills in Sport and Exercise (Level 4).
  • Advanced Sport and Exercise Psychology (Level 5).
  • Research Methods and Graduate Employability in Sport and Exercise (Level 5).
  • Stress and Emotion (Level 6)
  • Dissertation Supervision (Level 6)


  • Group Dynamics and Leadership in Sport and Exercise
  • Research Project Supervision


Jamie Gillman
Staffordshire University
Life Science and Education
Brindley building
Leek Road
t: +44 (0)1782 295986
e: Jamie.gillman@staffs.ac.uk
twitter: @JamieGillman