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In this section you will be able to view each Mentors Profile, download our How to Get the Most from Mentor Meetings guide.

Click on the + sign next to a mentor’s name to see their profile, photograph, and contact details.

Adele Bryant

Adele Bryant

Adele has over 20 years of designing, launching, and marketing products and services across a range of industries and sectors.

She is an advocate for enterprise and entrepreneurship and consults with professional bodies to improve the support available for start-up and growing businesses.

She is particularly keen to enrich the experiences felt by new entrepreneurs and is passionate about building both personal leadership and business skills as a way of creating success.

Adele’s depth and breath of experience means that she is insightful and approachable, whilst also being able to challenge and encourage business owners to achieve ambitious goals.


Bernard Clarke

Bernard Clarke

“Creating clarity, enabling success”

Bernard is experienced at establishing and leading business. In a career that has included senior roles in the private sector, academia and charities he has amassed a wealth of knowledge to share. His qualifications include a MSc in Business Management and a Diploma in Finance & Accounting. 

Since 2010, he has co-led a consultancy (Know and Do Ltd) specialising in inspiring and enabling business leaders to succeed. Clients come from a wide range of sectors and industries, many lead companies that provide B2B services, and he particularly values giving time to social entrepreneurs. He has supported numerous new business leaders through training, mentoring and coaching across the UK.

His mentoring style is relaxed, informal but insightful; seeking to build the confidence and capability of those he works with. Clients feedback that he is a calming influence, listens intently and has a way of asking the right questions to make sense of what can be a frenetic, unpredictable time when leading a young business.

Mentoring is an active process and in each session Bernard shares with mentees practical information, templates and techniques to take away and apply in their business. He is comfortable thinking strategically and grounding plans in measurable action. Meetings can be held online or over the phone; and when social distancing regulations allow in person.

Contact Bernard on 07507 to discuss what you need from a mentor and book an appointment.

David Lowe

David Lowe

David’s core area of expertise is business strategy and planning. He has run his own Business Consulting and Coaching Company since 2003, and he is highly regarded in the Coaching and Mentoring community both locally and regionally.

He is an excellent business partner for anyone seeking to benefit from a powerful combination of objective insight and sound practical experience, and he is a first class problem solver who possesses a rare ability to assimilate wide ranging information and either add strategic value to it, or simply apply it to solve practical day to day difficulties.

David is also a good listener who can bring objectivity, experience, and a comprehensive tool kit of transferable skills and abilities to almost any business situation.

He possesses wide ranging business know-how and experience which spans a number of sectors. This includes practical experience of actually managing, growing, and directing a truly diverse range of small businesses, as well as having worked within the larger and more corporate world.

David is a Staffordshire University business graduate (1991), who has successfully helped a large number of SME’s to both grow and to innovate; and he has mentored many senior managers and directors across Staffordshire and the West Midlands to develop both themselves and their businesses.

He was designated by Grant Thornton as an ‘Enhanced Coach’ under the government’s last national flagship scheme for business support – ‘The Business Growth Service’, which ran to March 2016. David has also worked with the Manufacturing Advisory service.

In early 2017 David became an “Entrepreneur in Residence” at Keele University Management School – Mercia Centre for Innovation Leadership. Here David helps participant companies to address the distinctive organisational and leadership challenges for their innovation-led businesses.

Whatever the project or task, David applies his trademark energy, enthusiasm, focus, and commitment to make a real difference. He is extremely credible and will rise to any challenge with utmost professionalism.

Telephone: 07803 172665

Fiona Wilson

Fiona Wilson

Fiona has over 20 years experience working in business and education. She has set up and run her own successful creative business (Fiona Wilson Prints) for the last 10 years, making and selling her work through shops and galleries, online and at curated art events.

Alongside this Fiona is the Course Leader for the award winning BA (Hons) Surface Pattern Design course at Staffordshire University.

She has mentored and taught 100s of creatives to develop their professional and entrepreneurial skills. Fiona can help you with the practicalities of setting up your business, pricing products, marketing and branding, creating a product range and selling and approaching shops to gain business.


“There are few creative business women who are as engaging and supportive of other creatives as Fiona, selfless in sharing her success and pitfalls, generous in her openness encouragement and professional knowlewdge and skills.” S. Peart, Designer Maker

Past Work Experience

  • Business Development Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Buyer

Websites: /
Instagram: @fionacw1 and @gingerbeerfactory
Telephone: 07811 211906

Jaan Scott


I’m fortunate to have had a successful business career and much of that I owe to having had great mentors to support me in the early days.

I’ve now been a mentor for over 22 years. I began by supporting the development of employees in my own businesses then in the last 7 years I’ve started to support business owners running their own companies; ranging from graduates and first-time start-ups through to experienced entrepreneurs running multiple fast growth businesses.

My company Matchbox Associates Limited, has worked with over 600 individuals helping young entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders to assess their key personal and business development needs and priorities.

As a Mentor

I’ll be encouraging you to concentrate on those activities that create value for you, your business and your customers. Acting as an advocate for your development I’ll be looking to do that by offering a sounding board to bounce your thoughts and concerns off, as well as offering a second opinion from within a supportive environment focused on your success.

 My knowledge, skills and abilities are at your disposal and I’ll be there to offer support whenever you need it. We’ll talk about how you plan to get from where you are now to where you want to be, and I can share my personal insights about experiences you may encounter on that journey. No matter whether you have a clear strategic view, a formalised business plan or just a vision and a great idea, don’t worry I’ll work hard to provide the right support for you to guide you and encourage you in equal measure.

Every mentor / mentee relationship is unique, and I will be looking to find ways to challenge how you think and also give you the confidence to take action and make decisive changes in your business. I’m open to sharing my skills, knowledge and expertise and I value the experience I can get from a successful mentoring partnership.


As a student of Textile Technology I began my career in Fashion, after a few years I diversified into the Technical Textiles sector where I established my own international businesses in advanced engineered materials.

Market Knowledge

  • Medical Devices – Wound care, Compression Therapy, Orthopaedic consumables
  • Composites – Carbon prepregs, Resin Transfer Moulding, Vacuum bag processing
  • PPE – NBC (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical) protection, fire proximity materials
  • Automotive – PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cells, spacer fabrics, interior trim
  • Industrial – Phase Change Materials, Smart Fabrics

To explore whether I might be a match for your mentorship needs you can contact me at any time.

Telephone: 07580 145247

Jane Pallister

Jane Pallister

Jane is an internationally published business academic, who runs her own advice and training consultancy. She holds an M.Sc. in E-Business where she focused on business strategy on the internet, and internet law.  Jane is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and holds a post-graduate certificate in Advanced Mentoring.  She has worked with the former Business Link, Winning Moves, and Blue Orchid. For all three, she has delivered numerous start-up and growth programmes and support over the years.

Jane’s approach is to aid new business owners to arrive at the right decisions and strategies through coaching, and through generic and bespoke training solutions to up-skill start-ups with defining their product and service, structure their business operation to efficiently deliver these, to resolve day to day business management issues, and to build their skills to effectively research, market, target and sell to the customer base.

Jane’s working style is to take a creative approach; exploring novel solutions and guiding clients in the right direction when making critical decisions; and she is always upbeat and supportive. She is non-judgmental and solutions-based when things go wrong. Clients can bring any situation to her – positive and negative – and come out tops. Jane’s facilitation helps clients reach their own conclusions, but she is also prepared to give direct advice if anyone is stuck for an answer.

Jane has a management-level background in sales, marketing, and business development in the media industry.   She has mentoring experience across all sectors and had a long career in engineering and radio sales and marketing.  She’s particularly fond of working with businesses that don’t quite fit the mould, and high-tech start-ups.

Jane is an Entrepreneur in Residence with Staffordshire University and has just project managed the Small Business Leadership Programme for SMEs.  She is currently involved in one of the working groups developing the Help to Grow: Management programme announced in the recent budget.

Jane has worked with well over two-and a half thousand businesses in the twenty years she has been running her consultancy.  She has helped create and deliver business start-up and growth programmes for universities and business support agencies, and eBay for its traders.

John Griffiths

John Griffiths

John has 25 years’ experience of running a successful advisory business and has advised well over 200 clients. As well as being successful at establishing and managing successful businesses, he has advised start-up companies as well as established organisations at a particularly challenging time. John also advises numerous government organisations such as the NHS, local and central government and governments overseas. John’s business has been accredited to a large number of government frameworks and quality standards such as ISO9001-2015.

John supports:

  • Health care organisations including the NHS
  • Private healthcare
  • Local & central government
  • Education
  • Professional services
  • Technological companies
  • Hotels
  • Charitable & non-profit making organisations

John is currently voluntary supporting SE Staffordshire Citizens Advice as Chair and is a committee member of Birchfield Harriers. He has also been a Governor of an “Outstanding” School Academy in which he helped to establish and has chaired numerous committees such as Finance and Discipline.

Or call his office and speak to Dawn Bond on 01543 560280

Karen Kirby

Karen Kirby


Over 12 years experience in helping new and existing businesses grow.   I have supported over 300 businesses ranging from blue chip companies & SMEs, to start-ups. 

Points of difference 

We don’t just advise on WHAT to do, we help you develop your skills that can be used forever. Everything we do is about creating measurable results, we have even won awards for our approach to helping businesses! 

Specialist areas & personality

Marketing, Branding, Sales, Business Growth, Results, Social Media, PR, Marketing Material, Market Development, Passionate, Lively, Efficient, Qualified, Budgeting, Funding, Web Development, Effective, Google, Strategy 

Mentoring Approach: I have a fun, flexible approach so that each entrepreneur is able to make the most of our time together. I apply the correct tools, to support any skill level, to meet varied objectives, around their other commitments. 

Company: Fresh Marketing Solutions
Telephone: 07889 923948

Mark Copesy

Mark Copesy

BA (Hons), MA Durham, Mark is an experienced business management trainer having been directly involved business and student training for 10 years both in the UK and NZ. He holds a passion for learning and understands how to build empathy and commitment from his students and companies. Mark has had a 30-year career in local government, Regional Development Agencies, Chamber of Commerce and running his own business.

Mark is a dynamic leader and driver of new initiatives and opportunities and has specialised in business growth, commercialisation and funding covering both the private and public sectors. He has worked as a consultant and trainer for the last 10 years. He also lecturers at Leeds Beckett University teaching entrepreneurship, innovation and change, business strategy at undergraduate and Master’s level. Mark is currently coaching 15 businesses in Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle.

Telephone: 07447 405245

Mary Murtagh

Mary Murtagh

I know the highs and lows facing entrepreneurs – because I am one. Starting out as a sole trader with a laptop and a £500 start-up grant I now run my own successful limited company.

I’ve worked with 100s of pre-start ups and fledging businesses (particularly creative and digital ones) and I share the hacks, shortcuts and top tips to get your side hustle off the ground so it pays your rent.

My mentoring style is fast-paced, hands-on and no-bull.

I have an enviable little black book of contacts – from journalists and creative industry experts to social media gurus and lawyers – who I can call upon on behalf of mentees.

As well as offering general business mentoring I have a PR specialism which helps mentees use the media to help them grow via ‘How to do your own PR’ workshops and one-to-one PR coaching.

The best way to reach me is at

Phil Beardmore

Phil Beardmore

Green Leader and Cooperator

What can you contribute to a pre-start entrepreneur over the first year in business?

  • I am a doer; the best time to start taking action on an idea is now
  • I show enthusiasm for your ideas and passions
  • I have been there at the set up of businesses myself and have an understanding of the uncertainties you face
  • I demonstrate the power of goal setting
  • I am values-led
  • I understand impostor syndrome

Areas of Speciality/ Methods of Mentoring Style:

Calm, patient, personalised, intuitive.

Business Sector(s):

Environmental businesses; Cooperatives; Social Enterprises.

Past Mentor Experience with Pre-Start/New Start:

I am currently a mentor on the Uprising Birmingham leadership programme for young people.

Past Work Experience:

I have worked in the environmental sector as a leader and manager for more than twenty years. I have more than 25 years experience in the cooperative and social enterprise sectors as a leader, activist, consultant and mentor.

Telephone: 07791 839025

Ranjit Bansal

Ranjit Bansal

I’m Ranjit and I specialise in marketing and communications for small businesses and social enterprises.

I’ve have over 20 years’ experience of advising / guiding / mentoring all kinds of businesses and particularly enjoy working with new entrepreneurs. Eight years ago I set up Dynamic Marketing, my own marketing consultancy, the best decision I ever made. So I’m really excited for your enterprise journey and how I can support your road to success.

I can provide you with mentoring support to:

  • Explore and refine your business idea – researching the market, competition, testing viability
  • Identify potential customers and how to reach them
  • Define your brand
  • Develop your marketing strategy
  • Produce your communications toolkit

I’m friendly and approachable, well networked with other business professionals, and can offer independent thinking, challenge and motivation to keep you on track when you need it.

Look me up on LinkedIn, or find out more about me and my work via:

Telephone: 07725 053355

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