Staffordshire Regional Access Centre

Regardless of where you live, or where you intend to study, you can make an appointment for a Disabled Student Allowances (DSA) Study Needs Assessment once you have received your approval letter from your Funding Body.

We will ask you to send us the following information prior to your assessment so that your Assessor may research your course requirements and your disability: 

  • Your approval letter from your Funding Body

  • A copy of your supporting disability evidence

  • A completed pre assessment questionnaire

  • A copy of your previous Needs Assessment Report (if applicable)

We ask that you return this information to us within 5 working days  of booking your appointment

We cannot assess your needs without this information.  The information you give is held securely and conforms to Staffordshire University Data Protection standards.

Assessment Centre Locations

Stoke Assessment Centre (PDF, file size: 2.43MB)

Stafford Outreach Centre (PDF, file size: 149.32KB)

Shrewsbury Outreach Centre (PDF, file size: 166.19KB)

Request an appointment for a DSA Study Needs Assessment

Telephone: 01782 295716 / 01782 295717

Web: Online appointment request form*

*Please ensure you have your documents available as we will ask you to send them to us within 5 working days of booking your appointment. 

We are offering appointments within 4 working days