Communication with parents and carers

We understand that parents and carers can be anxious about support arrangements in Higher Education for their sons, daughters or charges. General information for Parents and Advisors about the University and the support on offer can be found by clicking here.

Whilst we are aware of the informal network of support offered to students by family and friends and understand that there may be concerns about how this can be maintained at the University; in Higher Education, students are encouraged and expected to be independent learners and to take responsibility for both their studies and their support arrangements. We will provide practical help, advice and support for students to organise these arrangements.

We hope that the information on our website answers any queries you may have and we are happy to provide you with further general information. However, we are unable to comment on individual circumstances without the written consent of the individual concerned, as legislation requires us to maintain the confidentiality of our students. If your son, daughter or charge would like advice about organising their support you should suggest that they contact us.