Collaborative Provision

Staffordshire University is committed to working with partner organisations to raise aspirations and improve progression into Higher Education. Collaborative partnerships enable the university to extend its provision locally, nationally and internationally.

The university recognises that collaborative activity poses particular challenges for the assurance and maintenance of academic standards and the management and enhancement of the student experience. The university seeks to address these issues by providing clear guidance to both university and partner staff. Wherever possible the quality assurance and enhancement policies set out elsewhere on this website clarify how they should be applied within the context of collaborative provision.

This page provides access to additional policies and associated documents focussing specifically on the management and quality assurance of collaborative provision.


Register of Collaborative Provision

  1. Register of Collaborative Provision (PDF, file size: 360.87KB)


Policies and Procedures

  1. Collaborative Academic Partnership Annual Review Procedure (PDF, file size: 326.13KB)

  2. Approval and Monitoring of Partner Marketing and Publicity Material (PDF, file size: 168.15KB)

  3. Approval of a New Site of Delivery for an Existing Partner Institution (PDF, file size: 87.12KB)

  4. Approval of New Staff for Franchised and Validated Partnership Provision (PDF, file size: 85.92KB)

  5. Dual Award Policy Statement (PDF, file size: 371.35KB)

  6. Due Diligence and Approval Procedure for a New Collaborative Academic Partner (PDF, file size: 241.69KB)

  7. Due Diligence and Review Procedure for an Existing Collaborative Academic Partner (PDF, file size: 219.65KB)

  8. Progression and Articulation Agreement Procedure (PDF, file size: 114.42KB)


Associated Forms and Documents

  1. Partner Staff Approval Form (DOCX, file size: 50.89KB)

  2. Partner Staff CV Template (DOC, file size: 86KB)

  3. Progression / Articulation Proposals - Qualification Mapping Template (DOCX, file size: 32.71KB)

  4. Approval of a New Site of Delivery for an Exisiting Partner - Application Template (DOCX, file size: 88.24KB)