Course Approval

All Staffordshire University courses must meet appropriate academic standards, provide current and coherent curricula and offer a high quality student learning experience.  In order to achieve this all new courses, whether to be delivered on-campus or at a collaborative partner, are subject to the University's course approval policy and procedure.

The University's Quality Committee is responsible on behalf of Academic Board for the approval of new courses and the roll-out of existing courses to partners.  Quality Committee appoints panels to consider such proposals.

The course approval process commences once strategic approval for the proposal has been obtained.

Further guidance on the production of course information and documentation (including standard University templates) can be found on the Course Information page.



  1. Course Approval and Amendment Policy (PDF, file size: 229.7KB)

  2. Course and Delivery Approval Procedure (PDF, file size: 269.95KB)  

  3. Academic Planning Process Flowchart (PDF, file size: 116.92KB)

  4. Course Approval Guidance (PDF, file size: 205.76KB)

  5. External Advisor Selection Criteria (PDF, file size: 98.76KB)

  6. External Panel Member Selection Criteria (PDF, file size: 335.3KB)

  7. Definition: Subject to Validation

  8. Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body Accreditation (PDF, file size: 112.62KB)

Associated Forms and Documents

  1. For Course Planning Forms, please click this link (internal only)

  2. Application for the Approval of an External Advisor (DOC, file size: 188KB)

  3. Approval Support Document (DOCX, file size: 56.57KB)

  4. External Advisor (Academic) Comment Sheet (DOCX, file size: 58.45KB)

  5. External Advisor (Employer) Comment Sheet (DOCX, file size: 54.94KB)

  6. External Examiner Apprenticeships Comments Form (DOCX, file size: 61.52KB)