Course Information

Staffordshire University is committed to providing clear and accurate information about its courses to potential and current students. Arrangements for the production, maintenance and publication of programme specifications, course  and module handbooks seek to ensure they are accessible, trustworthy, and that they meet the needs of students, employers and other stakeholders. 



  1. Course Information - Programme Specifications and Course Handbooks

  2. Typology of Award Outcomes and Indicative Descriptions of Levels (PDF, file size: 256.37KB)


Associated Forms and Documents

  1. Course Handbook Template (DOCX, file size: 733.12KB)

  2. Disability Course Profile (DOC, file size: 657KB)

  3. For the Apprenticeship Handbook Template please click this link (internal only)

  4. Apprenticeship Workplace Mentor Handbook Template (DOCX, file size: 81.88KB)

  5. Apprenticeship Course Mapping Template (XLSX, file size: 39.17KB)

  6. Module Descriptor Template (DOCX, file size: 108.53KB)

  7. Module Handbook Template (DOCX, file size: 100.59KB)

  8. Postgraduate Programme Specification Template (DOC, file size: 88KB)

  9. Undergraduate Programme Specification Template (DOC, file size: 123.5KB)