Course Monitoring and Review

Taught Course Monitoring

Staffordshire University's course monitoring processes provide the opportunity to reflect on the learning opportunities provided to students, the academic standards achieved and the continued currency of the provision. 

Course monitoring represents a key element of the University's Quality Enhancement Strategy; facilitating the dissemination of good practice and ensuring prompt action is taken to address any areas requiring improvement.  


Taught Course Continuous Monitoring


  1. Continuous Monitoring Policy (PDF, file size: 106.99KB)


  1. Continuous Monitoring Procedure (PDF, file size: 161.48KB)

Associated Forms and Documents

  1. Continuous Course Monitoring Departmental Report Template (DOCX, file size: 35.97KB)

  2. Continuous Course Monitoring School Evaluation Template (Currently under review - September 2019)


Research Degree Annual Monitoring

Annual Monitoring provides Schools with the opportunity to reflect on and evaluate the effectiveness of their research degree provision.  The process allows Schools to consider ways to enhance their provision and provides an effective mechanism for identifying areas of opportunity and potential risk.



  1. Research Degree Annual Monitoring Guidelines (PDF, file size: 86.59KB)


Associated Forms and Documents

  1. Research Degree Annual Monitoring School Report Template (DOCX, file size: 49.54KB)


Periodic Review - Taught Courses

All educational provision delivered by or in collaboration with Staffordshire University is subject to an in-depth periodic review normally once every five years.  Reviews are normally undertaken by subject area, however for particularly large areas of provision further sub-groups may be determined (for example separate reviews of undergraduate and postgraduate provision etc.).  The University‚Äôs Quality Committee is responsible for monitoring the effective operation of the periodic review procedure; approving the clustering of courses for reviews; and overseeing the review schedule.   



  1.  Periodic Review of Taught Courses (PDF, file size: 162.77KB)


Associated Forms and Documents

  1. Scope of Review Template (DOCX, file size: 99.09KB)

  2. Self Evaluation Document (Template for Periodic Review) (DOC, file size: 118KB)

  3. Application for Approval of an External Member of a Review Panel (DOC, file size: 187.5KB)  and Selection Criteria (PDF, file size: 337.68KB)

  4. Initial Comments from Review Panel Member (DOC, file size: 98KB)