Nature Reserve

Nature reserve on the Leek Road campus

Despite its city centre location, Staffordshire University has a number of green and open areas rich in and helping support biodiversity, including approximately 40 hectares of playing fields and a dedicated Natural Heritage Nature Reserve of some 10 hectares.  Situated at the edge of the Leek Road campus, in the heart of the Potteries, the Reserve is one of the most important wildlife sites in the city.

Owned and managed by the University, the Reserve is bordered to the north by the River Trent and to the South by an area of grassland used for teaching and research. Contained within its boundaries is a rich diversity of habitats including reed marsh, deciduous woodland and secluded pools.

The pools and reed-marsh areas support a number of important waterfowl as well as being home to a vast array of invertebrate and amphibian species. Sensitive areas of the reserve have restricted public access in order to encourage biodiversity.

A leaflet on the Nature Reserve (PDF, file size: 2.18MB) detailing a guided walk and species of special interest is available.