Student Guide: Amending your Module Choices

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Sometimes you may wish to change a module you chose originally.

There is a limited period of time in which you can change modules and before you can make the swap, you will need to speak with the tutor whose module you are leaving and the tutor whose module you wish to join.  Please note that Core modules cannot be changed.

Any change you make to your choice of option modules must be made within three weeks of the start of the module.

It is important that you are enrolled on the relevant number of appropriate modules to satisfy your award structure.

Once you have agreed your change of module with the relevant tutors, you will need to complete a Module Amendment Form (PDF, file size: 83.85KB) and ask both tutors to sign it.  This form must then be signed by your award leader before handing it in to the Student Hub or Information Points.

It is important that you complete the necessary paperwork to notify us of any changes to ensure your student profile is correct.  An incorrect student profile could mean that we would be unable to process your results properly at the end of the year.