Student Guide: Module Registration

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If you are registered to study an honours degree, you would normally be expected to study a total of 120 credits for each level of your award.  This will give you an overall total of 360 credits at the end of level 6 which is the amount you need to be considered for the award of your degree.  Each year you will need to register for your modules.  There are 2 types of module:

  1.  Core – you must take these modules in order to complete your chosen award.

  2. Specific Option – you make your module choice from a group of options specifically associated with your award. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that your choice of modules matches the award structure for your award at each and every level. 

For full details please refer to the relevant section of your Award Handbook or see regulations below;

Postgraduate Regulations (PDF, file size: 264.54KB)
Flexible Learning Awards (PDF, file size: 212.52KB)
Professional Awards (PDF, file size: 158.92KB)
Graduate Awards (PDF, file size: 190.88KB)

Whether you are a new student or a current student returning this year, visit your Faculty/School homepage for module information and administration relating to your chosen award.