Recall charges

Recall Charge

  • Standard Two Week Loans renew automatically - if a book is recalled and it is not brought back, then there will be a recall charge of £1 per day after the recall date has passed (excludes weekends)

  • Document Delivery items - £5.00 per item returned late (excluding photocopies or items delivered by Secure Electronic Delivery)

Please note...

If you owe or have any outstanding charges you will not be permitted to borrow any further items until the charge has been paid.

Don't forget, if you keep track of your library account you won't need to pay a recall charge!
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What happens when one of my items is recalled?

All books renew automatically every two weeks for 24 weeks, unless they are requested by another borrower. This means your books will not go overdue unless they are requested.

If one of your books is requested then you will get an email to your student account with a date by which you must return the item - if you do not return the item by the due date then the book will accumulate a recall charge of £1 per day (books are not charged over the weekend.)


Charges for lost, stolen or damaged items

Once an invoice has been raised on an account, failure to settle the account may result in borrowing restrictions being applied and automatic renewals may be affected.

  • Charges are made in relation to lost, stolen or damaged items.  If you have your item stolen, or lose or damage it please inform a member of staff as soon as possible.

  • Any item not returned 28 days or more after the due date will result in you being invoiced for a replacement copy plus a £3 administration charge.  The replacement charge will be based on the price quoted for a new copy by our current book supplier.  However, if the item belongs to a series of books or a media set, then we will endeavour to invoice for the replacement cost of the full set.  All communication will be done by email.  You have the option of paying the bill for a replacement item or buying a replacement yourself.  Contact the library first to confirm full book details.  The administration charge will apply to each item in all cases. 

  • If you choose to pay the invoice and then find the original item, you are not entitled to a refund, although you may keep the original item.

  • The Library will only accept new copies of a book or the latest edition as a replacement. We reserve the right to refuse the purchased copy if it is found to be in poor condition. 

  • If you buy a replacement copy instead of paying the invoice and then find the original item, you are not entitled to a refund or the newer copy, although you may keep the original item.       


Paying charges

You can pay recall charges* during staffed opening hours:

  • at the Customer Services desk with Cash, Credit or Debit card, or Unicard

  • over the telepohone by Credit or Debit card

         *Invoices must be paid through the Financial Services Department.                            


Tips to avoid charges


  • Check your online library account and university email account (for reminders) regularly. 

  • Always print and retain a receipt when loaning/ returning items using the self-service machines.  Discrepancies will only be resolved upon production of that receipt. 

  • Don’t let friends borrow items from you.

  • Don’t borrow items for somebody else on your library record.      

  • If you do get a recall charge or an invoice please don’t ignore the problem, contact the library as soon as possible and we can help.


Contact Us

If you are having difficulties with locating, renewing or returning your books, please contact John West, Invoice Team, who will be happy to discuss your options.


Telephone: 01782 295770 (Customer Services Team)

Our address is: Invoice Team, Thompson Library, Staffordshire University, College Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 2DE.