Requesting books

What can I request?

  • Students and staff can request up to five items at a time.

  • When your request is available you will be alerted via your university e-mail account.

  •  You have seven days to collect your requests from the request shelves in the library.

  • Normally your requests will be initially on loan for two weeks. If there are other requests on your item then the loan period will be reduced to one week.

How do I make a request?

  • Find the items you require on the library catalogue.

  • Click on the item.

  • Click on “Place Hold”

  • Login to your library account

  • Students and Staff: Use your standard University username and password.

  • Other users:  Use your library barcode number and library PIN.

  • Select a pick up location for your request.

  • Click on “Request”.

How do I check my requests?

  • Students and Staff: Use your standard University username and password.

  • Other users:  Use your library barcode number and library PIN.

  • From “Account Overview” page choose “Hold Requests” or from the top menu bar choose “Holds”.

Cancelling a request

  • Login to your library account.

  • Click “Account Overview”

  • Click “Hold Requests”

  • Choose any you wish to cancel and click “Cancel Request”.

I need my books posted out to me. How do I do this?

If you cannot easily access our site libraries we offer a postal loans service.  We can post to you, via recorded delivery, up to 4 books at a time.  When you return these to us you need to send them via recorded delivery too.

Find the items you need from the catalogue, then place a request on them and in the comment field write "Off campus user".

You can borrow these items initially for 4 weeks, but if the item is heavily in demand this will be reduced to 2 weeks.

Items will renew automatically as long as they have not been requested by someone else.

If there is an electronic version available of any book that you request, we will email you with the details and provide a link to access the eBook instead of posting out the printed version. 

eBook text can be re-sized and many are compatible with screen readers.  For more information on the accessibility of eBooks, please see our Accessibility Support Guide.   

How long will my request take to come?

We aim to deal with requests for items stocked by the Library promptly, and most requests are normally satisfied within seven days of making your request.

However, please bear in mind that items may be on loan to someone else or 'missing'. Items requested to be delivered by post also rely on postal services to be working normally.

If there are any problems or delays with your request, you will be notified with an explanation as soon as possible.

Where do I collect my requested items?

When your book is in the library you will need to collect it from the hold shelves located by the customer services desks in the libraries. Remember you will need to have your student card with you to check the book out on the self issue machines.  

To locate your book on the hold shelf, look under your surname and initial then the last 4 digits of your student card number. 

Shrewsbury Health Library

Staffordshire University student:  Check the items you require on the Shrewsbury catalogue then return to the Staffordshire University site and fill in the Shrewsbury on-line request form.

Students from Shrewsbury: Please check the items you need on the Staffordshire University catalogue and then fill in the Staffordshire on-line request form.


If you have any queries please e mail or phone 01782 295770.