BoB (Box of Broadcasts)

BoB is an off-air recording and media archive service available to staff and students at Staffordshire University.

BoB operates specifically within the terms of the ERA+ licensing scheme offered by the Educational Recording Agency. The ERA+ licence operates only within the territory of the United Kingdom and relates to off campus access to content acquired under Section 35 of the UK's Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

What BoB can do for you

The service allows you to record TV and radio programmes that are scheduled to be broadcast over the next seven days as well as retrieving programmes from a wide range of channels. Currently, BoB is capturing over 65 channels from a mix of Freeview and Freesat television, with 10 channels available in foreign languages. (Note: All channels are potentially subject to change.)

There is now a permanent archive of content from nine channels: BBC1 London / BBC2 / BBC4 / ITV London / Channel 4 / More4 / Channel 5 / BBC Radio 4 / BBC Radio 4 Extra

You can watch programmes from the archive, create clips, search for programmes coming up in the next seven days by title or keyword, compile their favourite shows into playlists and share these with others. The archive currently offers over 45,000 TV and radio programmes covering all genres.

After a programme is recorded users can stream a Flash video in a web page - in a similar way to BBC's iPlayer.

Accessing the system is easy, students and staff can sign on with their Shibboleth account using their normal username and password.

Accessing BoB

There are links to BoB from the Library Articles and Databases pages, under all subject areas, or follow the link below:


Keep up to date with BoB news and developments via Twitter: @ondemandbob

What you may and may not do when using BoB

  1. Content delivered from BoB may not be copied or stored.  BoB is a streaming service only. Under no circumstances may users hold local copies of content which has bRAn delivered by BoB. There are other methods to obtain copies (please see item 9 below).
  2. Content may only be used/viewed/listened to in the course of learning, teaching or academic research relating to your study/work taking place in/through a licensed educational establishment.
  3. User names and passwords are personal and define you as an authenticated user, disclosure of these details to anyone else is strictly forbidden.
  4. Users may view/listen to as many programmes from BoB as they require at any time, however no more than 3 new recording requests per day will be accepted from individual accounts. Users may set BoB to record a programme up to seven days in advance of transmission.
  5. Content may be played/displayed to groups on the premises of the licensed educational establishment and only in the course of instruction.
  6. Content viewed 'off the premises' of the licensed establishment is strictly for use in the course of study - this excludes sharing the viewing of content with non authorised users - friends, family or general audiences (see also point 2).
  7. You may only access or use BoB in the territory of the United Kingdom. If you are in another country, the licence and associated exceptions in law do not apply and you cannot use BoB, even if you are an authorised user in the UK.
  8. You may share your playlists and clip selections with other authorised users in the UK, and this is positively encouraged.
  9. If members of staff would like to access a physical copy of a programme, then contact your subject librarian who may be able to obtain a copy for you. Information Services off-air recording service, whereby we can record programmes under the standard ERA licence, will be available from late September 2012.
  10. When you leave the licensed educational institution (either as a student or member of staff) you may no longer access or use the BoB system. Please ensure that you follow strictly the terms and conditions of use of the BoB so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of this innovative learning resource.
  11. Please note that Open University programmes are not covered under the ERA licenses and cannot be viewed using BOB.

BoB Help and Support

BoB is intuitive and easy to use, so you may find you can start straight away. There are a list of FAQs on the Bob site which  you may find helpful :


If the question you have is not covered then you can contact