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The Library welcomes your comments and suggestions on what you would like from your library.

You can contact us via our online form, on Facebook, by email, or by filling in a Comments and Suggestions form available in the libraries, and we will get back to you.

For other ways of using your student voice, and providing feedback to any other area of the University, visit the Student Voice pages. 

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Student parents

You said that as a parent there is nowhere to study and have your children close by.



We listened and set up a Children’s Library within the Thompson Library so that student and staff parents can work at the computers adjacent to the area with children’s books and games. Children are encouraged to join the library and feel like they are official members of our community.

Taking a break

You told us that you need time out from your studies to relax and take a break.



We have set up Headspace areas in our Libraries and bought mindfulness books, games and activities to help you to unwind during the stressful exam and assignment times.

Dog days

You said that you want more “dog days”.



We have arranged these for March and November each year, and also now have a regular visit from the unofficial "Library dog" Willow who comes in to spend time with students who benefit from stroking a very calm happy dog.

Privacy for Academic Skills appointments

You said that you want to be able to meet with library staff in private to discuss academic and study skills.



We have a dedicated Skills Space in Thompson Library for you.  You can drop in during staffed hours, or make an appointment online by visiting our web pages.


You told us that you struggle sometimes to access our electronic resources.



We have purchased a product called SensusAccess which enables you to convert documents into a variety of formats.

Study spaces

You told us that the Thompson Library ground floor was too noisy and having quiet study next to group study on the first floor did not work.



We changed the second floor loft space in Cadman building from group to quiet study, increasing the number of quiet study spaces.

Video games collection

You asked if video gaming students could have a library of video games.



We purchased a collection of video games that are available to loan by any student.

Stationery sales at Shrewsbury

You asked to be able to purchase stationery items at Shrewsbury library.



We now stock a range of stationery items available to buy at the Customer Services desk.

Data Protection Statement

We collect this information in order to monitor and identify patterns and trends in customer suggestions, comments and complaints.

Your details will be held securely by Staffordshire University and will be treated confidentially in accordance with data protection law.  It will not be shared with, or disclosed to, any external organisations. 

If you choose to give us personal information about yourself it will be held confidentially.  We will use your contact details in order to inform you of our response to your feedback.  The comments and suggestions forms you send to us will be destroyed after 12 months.