Can I borrow books from the libraries of other universities during the holidays?

Staffordshire University is a member of the SCONUL Access scheme.

SCONUL Access is a reciprocal access scheme that covers most of the college and university libraries in the UK and Ireland.  It does not extend to overseas libraries. The scheme is free to join and provides visitor access and borrowing rights to many staff and students at participating libraries.

To be approved for the scheme you must be in good standing with the library (your account must be clear of debts and you should not have seriously infringed the regulations).

To apply for the scheme you must be:
• A current employee
• or  a student registered for a course awarded or validated by the university (this includes  partnership institutions)
• and a resident of the UK (as the scheme does not extend to overseas institutions we are unable to approve membership for students living outside the UK).

If you are:
• staff or a research student (Band A)
• a part-time, distance learning or placement student (Band B)
• or a full-time postgraduate (Band C)

you may be able to borrow from other college or university libraries who are members of the scheme.

If you are a full-time undergraduate (Band R), you may be able to use the resources at other libraries for reference purposes.  Please check with the library that you want to join as not all of the libraries in the scheme allow access to Band R users. 

When your application is approved, an automatic email is generated.  If you have not received your approval email, please check your junk/spam folders.  If it is not there, please contact us directly so that we can verify that your application has been received, and amend your email address if necessary. 

You should always check the website of the library that you want to visit for their opening hours and any local conditions that apply (e.g. you may be required to provide a passport photograph).

To learn more about the scheme, how it works, and to apply to join visit SCONUL Access

If you want more information, please visit the Customer Services Desk or Help Desk in the libraries or telephone 01782 295770 (Stoke), 01785 353236 (Stafford).