Study Areas

Types of rooms

We all study in different ways, so with that in mind we have different study areas around our libraries and IT centres for you to use depending on your needs.

There are three types of study areas which are split into zones and operate on a traffic light colour system.

Red Zone:  Silent study areas, where there is no talking at all.  Hot/cold drinks are permitted, but no food or mobile phones.

Amber Zone:  Quiet study areas, where talking quietly is allowed.  Hot/cold drinks and cold food are permitted, mobile phones should be switched to silent.

Green Zone :  Group study areas, where talking is allowed, mobile phones are allowed but you should not disturb other people using the library.  Hot/cold drinks and cold food are permitted.


Thompson Library

Thompson Library has the following rooms for you to use:

Silent study room

If you want to work in complete silence the silent study room is located on the first floor. You can enclose yourself under one of the study hoods or in the high sided study carrels. There are a mixture of desks with and without PCs and desks you can use where you can plug your laptop into a power socket. 

Group study rooms

There are three group study rooms available in the library, all on the ground floor.  Two of the rooms are drop-in, open access and the third works on a self-booking system, the availability and booking sheets are located outside the room.

Your are able to pre-book the room for the current and coming week.  The room can be booked for 2 hour slots (this can be extended if the room is not required by anyone else).

Group Study Space

If you like to work in a busy environment, or need to study as a group, there are the green zones located on the ground, first and second floor.  There are PC clusters, large and small tables for different groups to work at and soft seating.

Quiet Study Space

For those who like to study in a less noisy area there is the quiet study space, the amber zone, located on the first floor in the Cadman Building.  There are PCs and a limited number of tables for individual study.

Students with a disability.

For students with a disability, E250 on the second floor in the Cadman Building is available for reading onto tape or working with a support worker.  You are able to pre-book this room during staffed opening hours only for the current and coming week via a timetable on the door.  Please enter your booking details on the sheet.    
The rooms can be booked for 2 hours slots (this can be extended if the room is not required by anyone else).


Blackheath Lane Library and IT Centre

The Blackheath Lane Library and IT Centre has the following rooms for you to use:

The main library area has a total of 52 study spaces.  In the green zone (group study space) there are 6 PCs, a large LCD screen with the facility to connect a laptop via a VGA or HDMI cable, and several soft seating areas.  In the amber zone (quiet study space) there are 28 PCs, 2 PCs with specialist software installed on height adjustable desks, 4 laptop spaces and 2 soft seating areas.

Group study rooms

There are 2 open access group study rooms:

BL066 – 1 desk, 1 small round table, 1PC and 6 chairs

BL067 -  1 desk, 1 small round table, 1 PC and 5 chairs

There is 1 bookable group study room:

BL069 - 1 desk, 1 small round table, 1 PC, video conferencing facility and 5 chairs.

This room can be booked for 2 hours slots (this can be extended if the room is not required by anyone else) and up to one week in advance by adding your name to the self-service booking sheet.

Silent study rooms

BL065 - 8 desks (1 for laptop use), 7 PCs and 8 chairs.

Rooms available to use but not bookable.

BL056 IT Lab - 18 desks (10 for laptop use), 16 PCs, AV kit and 26 chairs. This is a teaching room which is bookable by staff only, but it can also be used for quiet study when it is not required for teaching.


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