Lending Support Services

Our promise to you:

  • When an inter-site loan is available ‘off the shelf’, it will be ready for collection within four working days at our Thompson and Blackheath Lane libraries and within seven days at Shrewsbury Health Library.

    •  Service Standards monitoring results for 13 and 15 February 2018:

      • Number of random sample = 14

      • Maximum time taken  = 2 days

      • % available for collection within 4 (or 7) working days = 100%

  • We will meet 90% of document delivery requests within 48 hours, and 98% of requests within three days at the Thompson and Blackheath Lane libraries. 

  • 99% of returned items will be back on the library shelves within 48 hours of being returned to the site libraries.

    •  Service Standards monitoring results for 13 and 15 February 2018:

      • Number of books shelved = 115

      • Maximum time taken = 11 hours 29 minutes 

      • % shelved within 48 hours of being returned = 100%

  • Bound items will be available for collection within 24 staffed opening hours at the Thompson and Blackheath Lane libraries.  A binding service is not offered at Shrewsbury Health Library

  • Digitised or hard copy course packs will be available within four weeks of a request being made. This is subject to copyright and publisher permissions.

  • Digitised copies of available articles will be supplied to off-campus customers within 24 staffed opening hours.

  • A ‘meet and greet’ service for new students will be provided between 10am – 3pm for the first five weeks of the September Semester.

  • We will benchmark our charges against competitors on an annual basis to ensure we remain fair.

What we can do for you:

We provide a number of support services.

These include:

  • Producing digitised or hard copy course packs to support course work

  • Obtaining books or journal articles from other sites or other libraries (inter-site loans)

  • A binding service for a professional-looking assignment

  • Obtaining reserved ‘in library’ items – we will collect items from the open shelves for the customer

  • Support for off-campus customers

  • A ‘meet and greet’ service at the start of the September Semester to help new students to navigate our libraries and learn about the facilities we offer. 

Who this is for:

All staff and students.

How to use it:

Lending Support Services are provided at all of our libraries during opening hours.  You will need a valid student or staff library card for access during self-service opening. Self-service facilities allow customers to borrow, return and renew items, pick up reservations and pay fines. Renewals and reservations can also be made online and by phone.  

Where to find it:

When this is available:

Library opening hours may vary to support peak borrowing times and to fit around public holidays.  View our current opening times.


Different charges apply to different services.  Charges are displayed in our libraries and on our website.
View our current charges for:

How we support you:

Our experienced Customer Services staff will help you during normal staffed hours. They are located at the Customer Services Desks. View our opening hours.