STORE (ePrints)

What is STORE (ePrints)?

STORE is the Staffordshire University Online Repository - it is an Open Access institutional research repository designed to house the research and scholarly output of the University’s staff and researchers.
Please Note: depositing a copy of your research within 3 months of acceptance is essential for inclusion in the Research Excellence Framework assessment.

For full details go to the HEFCE guide: Deposit on Acceptance Requirement

Support details can be found on the library's Research Support libguide 

Where possible a copy of the research must be deposited in the repository. This should usually be the author’s own copy rather than the Published Version.

How do I access STORE (ePrints)

The web address for STORE (ePrints) is

From the home page you can either search for relevant items or log in to deposit an item into the repository (if you are a University member of staff or researcher).



What can I upload

What can I upload as a copy of the research?

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) requires a copy of the AUTHOR’S ACCEPTED Version to be uploaded into STORE – this version is also known by a number of different names:

  • Accepted Author Manuscript (AAM)

  • Accepted Work

  • Final Author Version (accepted manuscript)

  • Author Generated Postprint

  • Post-print

  • Author's Final Draft

  • Author's Final Peer-reviewed Manuscript

  • Final Peer-reviewed Draft

  • Accepted (peer-reviewed) Version

We consider the version to be after it has been peer reviewed and edited.

Please note the PUBLISHED typeset version is not the same (even though the content will be the same).

See the HEFCE image below to identify the correct version:

HEFCE Open access publishing procedure


For further details SHERPA/RoMEO ( provides reliable information on publishers’ copyright policies and there is a good guide to the definitions of print versions at


If Sherpa does not answer your copyright question please contact the Library Repository team

What are the benefits of Open Access

Staffordshire University is committed to making all research at the university publicly available and searchable. Benefits of Open Access include:

  • Increased exposure of research via Google, RSS feeds and other search services.

  • Increased citation.

  • Digital preservation of scholarly output.

  • Increased funding opportunities where conditions require Open Access.

  • Enhances and promotes the growing body of free quality academic research.

  • Raising the research profile of Staffordshire University