Christmas Arrangements

Over the Christmas period many areas of the University will be closed from Friday 21 December 2018  at 5pm and reopen on  Wednesday 2 January 2019  at 8am.    You can find details for the individual service areas by accessing the ‘Support over Christmas’ link below.  The library remains open and staff from our Campus Control team will be on campus 24 hours a day.

Many staff will not be accessing emails over this holiday period so we have put together a useful guide in case you need help - particularly if this is your first year at University

It's normal for some students to worry over the festive period as it can be quite a challenge working towards your assessments, but don't panic, you aren't alone, there is other support available, details again can be found on the links below.

We hope you enjoy the Christmas break and look forward to seeing you when we re-open in the New Year when staff will be on hand to help you with any worries/questions you may have.

To book an appointment to see one of our student support services in the New Year, please go to the booking appointment webpage where appointments are available.