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Data Protection Act / Freedom of Information Act

Where possible, Staffordshire University wishes to provide its staff and students and other members of the public with any information they need about the University.

  • Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000, individuals have rights in regard to obtaining information held by the University. 

  • You may make requests for information under the terms of either (or both) of these acts, and appropriate application forms are available. 

  • Before completing an application form, please read the notes on the website to determine the nature of your request.

t: 01782 294365 Sue Howlett

Debt Counselling

If you are worried about your debts or your debts are increasing, the Students’ Union’s Student Advice Centre can advise you on steps you can take to get more in control of your finances and empower you to sort things out with creditors.

Stoke tel: (01782) 294629


If you require emergency dental treatment you can contact:
The NHS Dental Advice Line
t: 0300 123 0981

For out of hours (24 hour) dental emergencies please contact NHS Direct t: 0845 4647

For more information about dental treatment under the NHS please visit:


The Students’ Union runs occasional courses and workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics ranging from fund raising for beginners to coping with stress and the Certificate in First Aid.

Check out the current “Give it a Go” programme or our fortnightly edition of “Plugged” which features all current Union events and is available free of charge throughout term time.

t: 01782 294629 Stoke

Digital Student Ambassador Scheme

As a Digital Student Ambassador you will share your University experience with prospective students via blogs, social media and online content (webpages).
You will have a number of requirements to keep to, these will differ depending on your campus and student status (current student/applicant/alumni).

Find out more: http://blogs.staffs.ac.uk/student-blogs/


Disability Equality Scheme

Disability Equality Scheme

Disabled Students

The Student Enabling Centre provides a range of information, advice and facilities for disabled students. It helps you to arrange and manage support necessary to meet your individual needs. 

  • Help to apply for the Disabled Students’ Allowances 

  • Offers study needs assessments through a Regional Access Centre based in the university 

  • Provides dyslexia support services and study support assistants.

Student Enabling Centre, Stoke 
Cadman Courtyard, College Road
t: 01782 294977

Student Enabling Centre, Centre of Excellence Stafford
Blackheath Lane, Stafford
t: 01785 353615

Disciplinary Procedure

The University Disciplinary Procedure is available in Appendix 3 of the General Regulations for Students. 

For further information please contact:

Steph Bates, Regulations and Compliance Officer 
t: 01782 294326
e: s.e.bates@staffs.ac.uk 
David James, Regulations and Compliance Advisor 
t: 01782 294603
e: d.james@staffs.ac.uk
Emma Cowdell, Regulations and Compliance Advisor
t: 01782 294069
e: e.l.cowdell@staffs.ac.uk
Jane Sheldon, Regulations and Compliance Administrator
t: 01782 294019
e: j.sheldon@staffs.ac.uk


For information on doctors please see Student Health Service


For further information, advice and support, please contact the Student Enabling Centre

Student Enabling Centre, Stoke 
Cadman Courtyard, College Road
t: 01782 294977

Student Enabling Centre, Centre of Excellence Stafford 
Blackheath Lane, Stafford
t: 01785 353615