University Library Regulations

University Library Regulations

All library members are expected to abide by the University Library Regulations. The Head of Library or his/her nominee shall have the right to suspend a library member for any infringement of these regulations.

University Library Regulations (PDF, file size: 62.71KB)

Theft and Vandalism

The theft or attempted theft of Library property is a serious disciplinary offence. Any student who is found to be guilty of vandalism or theft in relation to Library books and materials risks criminal prosecution and exclusion from the University.

The Student Disciplinary Procedure will be followed.


Filming and photographing in Library buildings

Filming in Library buildings is not allowed for a number of reasons, photographing is allowed under certain circumstances please refer to the Filming in Library buildings policy (PDF, file size: 100.29KB) for more detail.

What do I do if I have lost my card?

Lost cards must be reported to the Library and the Student Hub/Information Point as soon as possible. Cardholders will be held responsible for the consequences of any misuse of their card prior to notification of loss.

Cost of replacement cards

  • £7 for replacement   

If the card has been stolen and you have a police crime number then there is no charge for a new card. 

During the daytime you will be asked to go to the Information Centre to replace your one card. 

When you return to the library, your old barcode will be marked as lost and the new barcode will be updated on the circulation system.

During the weekend - If you have lost your card, you must provide some other form of identification, a member of Library staff will go in under your name to issue books on your behalf. A note will be placed on your borrower record stating that you have been informed to go to the Student Hub or Information Point as soon as possible

Please note: this is only for people who have lost their cards.

Copyright and copying limits

During the course of your studies, you may sometimes want to copy material, e.g. journal articles, web pages, VLEs etc. You need to be aware that this material will almost certainly be protected by copyright, which will limit the amount you can copy.

Unless otherwise stated, ALL material on the web is protected by copyright.

Copyright - information and guidance

USB sticks

Please note that we will access all USB memory sticks that are handed in to the Thompson or Blackheath Lane Library counter, or any Digital Services help desk, to enable us to find their rightful owners.

An e-mail will then be sent to the student's e-mail address so that they can be collected. 

We will keep the memory sticks for one calendar month before they are passed over to the University Police office.