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Student Stories

The last two years haven’t been easy for anyone but when life paused, you never stopped, and we’re amazed by that. You’ve lived and studied through a unique time in history. That resilience and determination to succeed are key qualities that will stay with you through your studies and into your future career.

Many of our graduates began their journey applying through Clearing; it’s actually a very common route into higher education for students. And now it’s time to see what success your future can hold!

From engineering to health and social care, science to business, and sports to art and design - whatever you want to study, there are no limits to what you can achieve when you apply to Staffordshire University through Clearing.

Our student stories prove that it really makes no difference what stage you apply or get offered a place at university, just how you apply yourself while you’re here.

It’s your time. Your Future. We see your potential.

"I’d applied to some vet schools and I’d missed the grades by just one grade on my A-Levels so they rejected me. It totally knocked me back. All of my friends were applying to universities and I just sort of thought that’s obviously not for me. I didn’t even think I was intelligent enough for it. But I’ve now graduated with a First and I won the Outstanding Performance degree as well so yeah, it was quite good – things are looking up.

I actually got through to Staffs via Clearing. I came for one of the later Open Days, and I spoke to Kevin Reilling, one of the lecturers and he sort of pushed me and helped me find that excitement about the degree. It’s been amazing actually. I originally only came on for the three years as well and then I’ve enjoyed it that much that I swapped to the four year integrated MSci."

Dominic Moule, MSci Biological Science

I changed my mind about what course I wanted to do, so it gave me a second chance - I haven't got to start again next year.

Sim Sangha

"I’m a 35-year-old mature student and previously worked as an electrical contractor, but I wanted to work in computing. I’d considered going to university before, but it was really when my friend took the jump himself to study for a new career path, that I plucked up the courage to try something new.

I chose Staffs because it had the facilities I needed to gain the qualification I wanted to achieve. I rate my university experience highly and praise the staff for a such warm welcome, especially for a mature student like me. I was well received and didn’t feel alienated for my age or previous background.

I believe my course will offer new job opportunities in an exciting new industry. Now I’ve taken that leap to change my career, I would not go back on my decision. I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience so far and I’m achieving what I intended to…and more!"

Andrew Durnell, BSc (Hons) Computer Science 


Andrew Durnall
Clearing for me wasn't scary at all. It was quite a simple process because I knew what I wanted to do.


Criminology student

"When I realised I hadn’t got the grades to get onto the course I was absolutely gutted. I got in touch with the university straight away and asked if there was anything I could do or if there was anything they could do to help me and I was advised that I could apply through clearing.

The course lecturers were amazing, they called me back straight away and took all my details. I then had a kind of telephone interview and was told that they would accept me on the course through clearing. The university sorted all of the paperwork very efficiently and I started the course a week later. I was over the moon and so excited that they had given me the chance to better my life. I have faced a number of personal problems in my first year and the university has been amazing in supporting me through this. I am ecstatic and very proud to have just finished my first year with good grades."

Beckie Cox, BA (Hons) Criminal Justice with Offender Management



"Getting into Staffordshire University through clearing - was the best thing to ever happen to me. The people I met there are still my closest friends 20 years later. I loved my time in Stoke (who knew) and would do it all again!! It’s had so much investment over the year’s and is going from strength to strength - I would strongly recommend anyone considering Staffs to go and check it out"

Ed Jervis, BA(Hons) Business

Ed Jervis

"Speaking to Clearing was such a vital moment in my educational journey, I would recommend it to anyone, it is my opinion that the traditional path of education doens't always facilitate the needs of everyone, and that's nothing to feel ashamed about. I would advise anyone in a similar position as I was, not to worry and to utilise the resources offered by Staffs - starting with clearing."

Kate Rowley, BSc (Hons) Psychology  

Kate Rowley
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