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The Clearing Hotline is currently closed.

Clearing is the final chance to secure a place at University for entry in September

At Staffordshire University, we do not believe that Clearing is for students that haven’t made the grade. To us, Clearing is just another chance to see the potential in you.

Some students leave their first decision until the end of the process, others haven’t got the grades they wanted on results day. Whatever the reason that you’re applying at a late stage, we don’t believe the process should be stressful, or confusing. This is an exciting part of your life, and you have an important choice to make.

Follow the steps below and take control of your future.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

A step-by-step guide to Clearing

Frequently asked questions

What is Clearing? Clearing helps those who have received their qualifications but don’t have a confirmed place at University to find one.

UCAS will tell you if you’re eligible to find a place in Clearing on your UCAS Track account.

What courses are open in Clearing? You can check our clearing offer calculator which contains all our available courses, or you can call our Clearing Hub on 0800 590 830.

Do courses in Clearing have entry requirements? All our courses have entry requirements. We look at the grades you have achieved from traditional academic qualifications as well as any relevant work experience or life experience. We look at the whole application to make a decision.

I haven’t applied to a university through UCAS, can I still use Clearing? Yes! The best thing to do is to give our Clearing Hub a call on 0800 590 830 and we will have a chat with you about the next steps to get your application started.

I am currently holding an offer elsewhere but have changed my mind. What are my options? If you’re holding an offer at another institution but want to find out if we can make you an offer, call our Clearing Hub on 0800 590 830. Once you have received a verbal offer you will be able to ‘self-release’ from your firm institution on UCAS Track and add us to your application.

What should I expect when I call the Clearing hotline? When you call our Clearing Hub, have your UCAS ID number to hand if you have one. Our Clearing Advisers will ask you for some information about who you are, what qualifications you have and what you are interested in studying. You may be transferred to talk to an academic but don’t worry – this is an opportunity to discuss why you are interested in the course and what your career ambitions and goals are.

What happens after I receive an offer? You will receive an email from us confirming your verbal offer. You will be asked to refer yourself to us on UCAS – which just means adding us to your application. Once we receive that application, our Admissions team will process your offer and send you a formal offer letter.

Will I get Student Finance? If you have already applied for Student Finance it is really easy to change your details, including the University you are going to study at. Log into your account and select ‘change your application' and select the university/college course option.  This change will be reviewed and they will let you know if that has been approved.

If you haven’t applied for student finance yet and you have a confirmed place with us through Clearing, it’s best to start that application as soon as you can. It can take up to 6 weeks to be processed.  

Will I be able to get accommodation through Clearing? Clearing applicants can find information on our Accommodation FAQ page.

I am supporting someone applying to university through Clearing, what can I do to help? Going to University is one of the biggest decisions we ever make. Using clearing can often be stressful so we have put together some advice for those who are supporting people who are using clearing to find a place at University: 

  • If the applicant’s exam results are lower than expected, you can signpost them to support from their school/college. There is also a wealth of online support from UCAS, the National Careers Service and The Student Room.
  • It can be easy for applicants to rush into a decision so it’s important that they try not to panic. It’s OK to take a little time to think about what they want to do next.
  • Before the applicant calls us to discuss applying through Clearing, help them get organised. Make sure that they have their results to hand and their UCAS ID number if they have one.
  • They will speak to a member of our Clearing Hub first and may speak to an academic. We understand they might be anxious so we will take our time to really understand what the applicant wants to do.
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The Clearing Hotline is currently closed.