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Disability Support

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What support is available?

Examples of support

  • Specialist support dependent on your specific needs e.g. Deaf or have a hearing impairment, blind or have a visual impairment, autistic spectrum, mental health difficulties
  • Specialist equipment
  • Specialist software

These are examples and support will be dependent on your individual need as identified in your needs assessment. We want to work with you to organise and deliver your support.

Learning Support Statements (LSS)

An LSS is a document that details reasonable adjustments that will reduce barriers that you may face because of a disability, additional need or other barriers that affect your studies. (Formally known as Learning Support Agreements or LSA).

Examples of reasonable adjustments:

  • An agreed amount of extra time in examinations
  • Provision of separate or private rooms for examinations – students will either be in a room with students with similar adjustments or in a room on their own
  • Reader in examinations. This will need to be arranged well in advance
  • Use of PC (Examinations) with work being saved onto a USB device
  • Agreed alternative assessments

 These are examples – the adjustments included on your LSS will depend on your individual needs.

Once an LSS has been developed with you, you will need to ensure that you have agreed to the content of this through your student e-vision portal. Only when you have done this will it be shared with academic staff. For more information, please contact the Student Inclusion Team by emailing so that we can offer guidance based on your indivudal needs

What are reasonable adjustments?

These are the steps we can take to make sure that you are not put at a disadvantage because of a disability or additional need compared to students on the same course that do not have a disability or additional need.

For more information about Learning Support Statements and reasonable adjustments contact the Student Inclusion Team by emailing  so that we can provide advice based on your specific needs. 

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA)

DSA helps to pay for the extra costs you might have in order to attend a designated higher education course because of a disability or Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD). 

Eligibility for the DSAs will be dependent on number of factors. The government website provides detailed information about this and how to apply. 

Apprenticeship Students

As an apprenticeship student, you will not be eligible for Disabled Students’ Allowances, but if you have a disability, Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) or mental health condition you can still access support. For more information please contact the Apprenticeship Team or the Student Inclusion Team

You may also be able to access support via Access to Work 



  • Many of the students we support are dyslexic and we are well equipped to provide dyslexia support.
  • A full diagnostic assessment can then be arranged within four weeks. Funding for this may be available through the Student Success Fund.
  • Once we have received a copy of your diagnostic assessment we can arrange support (readers, study support or dyslexia tuition).

d/Deaf/Hearing Impairment

In addition to the recommendation from your Assessment Centre report:

  • If you are d/Deaf or have a hearing impairment we can refer you for specialist support (BSL, English interpreters, language support). 

Blind/Visual Impairment

In addition to the recommendation from your Assessment Centre report:

  • If you are blind or have a visual impairment we can refer you for specialist support. 

Specialist Student Support

  • All information about students is treated in a confidential manner under data protection law. We treat any information you give us with respect and it is only made available to others if you have given specific consent or there are exceptional circumstances. . 
  • We can arrange supported access to other services within the University, Students' Union and the local area such as self help groups and representative organisations to ensure that your needs are being met.
  • We aim to treat you as an individual, not as a diagnosis.

General Arrangements

  • A member of staff from the Student Inclusion Team or wider Student Support will be available to give advice during all of the University's published General Open Days.
  • In addition, an appointment can be made for an adviser to attend all other Open Days and events as requested.
  • We have an extensive referral system that we can call on to further enhance your support and ensure your individual needs are met.
  • We work closely with Schools and other University Services to provide a support infrastructure that enhances and underpins the Higher Education experience of our students.