LapSafe and find a PC

What laptops are available to borrow?

You can borrow a laptop from our self-service LapSafe cabinets, these are situated next to the Student Hub in the Science Centre and also in Ashley2. The LapSafe devices are full Windows 10 laptops and can be borrowed for up to 24 hours.

What software is on them?

All the LapSafe devices are the same, so it doesn't matter which bay you borrow from.  You will find the usual Microsoft Office applications like Word and Excel, as well as a number of web browsers.

What can I use them for?

They are perfect to borrow at the start of your day and keep with you around our campus.  Take notes in lectures, browse the web for help during tutorials, do group work with your friends in the coffee shop - or even just check out the latest memes while taking a break.

Can I take them out of the Science Centre?

Of course!  You won't get a power supply or any kind of charger, so we wouldn't recommend taking them home, but as long as you have them back within 24 hours you can take them wherever you like.


How do I borrow one?

LapSafe cabinet

You will find the LapSafe cabinet next to the Student Hub, within the Science Centre on Leek Road. If you enter via the main entrance and go past the Digital Garage, you will see the cabinet on the left hand side.


  1. Tap Borrow on the LapSafe screen.

  2. Scan your student ID card under the screen.

  3. Follow the on screen prompts.

  4. Scan your student ID card on the scanner in the column you are borrowing from.

  5. Open the door, remove your laptop, and close the door.


That's all there is to it.  You might want to check that you can log in to the device OK; if you have any questions speak to a staff member on the Digital Garage which  is just round the corner, marked with a 27 on this map (PDF, file size: 342.43KB) .


I'm in Stafford or Shrewsbury

LapSafe self-service laptops are currently only available at our Stoke-on-Trent campus.  If you are our Stafford or Shrewsbury locations, we have full-size laptops available for you to borrow.  These are treated as normal Library items, so please approach the Library Help Desks at these locations to enquiries about borrowing a laptop.

Shrewsbury Campus: we have two laptops available for Shrewsbury Campus based studentsonly.

Find a PC on campus

If you are on campus and just want a computer to use, we have a tool that can help you:

Click the link above to see how many PCs we have at each location, and which specific areas have computers available to use.



Digital Service Desk
t: 01785 353800