Saving your work


The best place to save all of your work is on your Staffordshire University student OneDrive.  This is your own personal storage area, which you can access from anywhere.  So if you do some work on a University computer and save it in your OneDrive, you can carry on working on it from home on your own computer (this is even easier if you have Office installed at home - click here to get it for free).

You don't even need to have Office installed to access all your stuff.  You can log on to OneDrive from any web browser using this link:

If you want to explore the more advanced features of OneDrive, Microsoft have some great Quick Start guides:

Microsoft OneDrive Quick Start


USB drives

Flash drives and other USB storage devices are very handy for carrying work around, but they should always be used with caution.

If you lose your USB drive, or if it fails or goes wrong, you will have lost that work forever!

We strongly encourage you not to use USB storage devices.

We would always recommend using your OneDrive.  This has 1 TB of space, and can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.



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