Hardship Fund


The Staffordshire University Hardship Fund is available to attending students who are experiencing money troubles or have an unexpected emergency to deal with. The hardship Fund is discretionary, and cash limited so whether you get an award will depend on your individual circumstances and the availability of funds. The Hardship Fund should not be seen as a guaranteed source of income and not all applications will be awarded a payment.

Please read and ensure you have understood the Hardship Fund Guidance notes before you complete this application form.

Contact Details

Fees and Bursaries Staffordshire University Trent Building Leek Road ST4 2DF

t: +44 (0)1782 292777
e: feesandbursaries@staffs.ac.uk


Register your details

Part 1. Personal details


* Are you a care leaver or an estranged student?

* Do you have a disability or long term health problem?

Do you receive a maintenance loan from Student Finance?

Part 2. Course Details

Are you Full time or Part time?

Part 3. Bank / Building Society details
How many Bank or Building Society accounts do you have?

(This includes but is not limited to Savings, ISA, Help to buy, Student, Current, Joint accounts)

Do you have any overdrafts?


Please ensure you provide 3 months’ worth of bank statements with your application for all of your accounts. You also need to ensure you explain all of your cash withdrawal and all transactions of £40 or above on your bank statements. You can send all of your supporting documents to feesandbursaries@staffs.ac.uk or post them to Fees and Bursaries, Staffordshire University, Trent Building, Leek Road, ST4 2DF. Failure to provide supporting documents with your application may result in your application being rejected.


Part 4. Support

Do you or have you had any support from (tick all that apply)?

Part 5. Your income

* What income do you receive? Please select all that apply.

Part 6. Your Expenditure

* What expenditure do you have? Please tick all that apply

Part 7. Priority Debts and/or Arrears

Please tell us about what debts and/ or arrears you currently have. Please note you will need to provide evidence of this with your application. An example would be if you have rent arrears you will need to provide a signed letter from your landlord or letting agent to confirm that you have rent arrears and the value of the arrears.



Part 8. Your Personal Statement
9: Application checklist

Please ensure you provide us with the following:

  • Copies of your last 3 Months bank statements and/or savings books for all of your accounts. This includes ISA’s and investments held in your and your parents' name or joint names. The statements must show your name, bank details and balance in the account.

  • Pease explain all of your cash withdrawals for all of your accounts

  • Please explain all transactions, both in and out of your account that are £40 or above.

  • Please explain and provide evidence of any debts and/or arrears you have.

  • Ensure you have provided evidence of the value of the item/s and/or services you require support with.

 PLEASE NOTE: Your application to the Hardship Fund will not be processed until you have provided all required documentation

Part 10: Data Protection

The data you provide on this form will be used to assess your eligibility for financial assistance from the Staffordshire University Hardship Fund. Some of the data may also be retained for statistical purposes. Our use of your data will be in accordance with data protection law and the Staffordshire University Data Protection Policy which is available on the University website.


Part 11: Declaration

  • I declare that the information that I have given on this form is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge.
  • I confirm that I am registered and in regular attendance on the course described in Part 2 of this form.
  • I understand that any information knowingly withheld or false information given will automatically disqualify my application. I further undertake to repay any grants and/or loans obtained by me as a result.
  • I undertake to abide by any conditions attached to an award and I understand that all or part of any award may be repayable if I intermit or withdraw from all or part of my course, for whatever reason, during the academic year. The amount to be repaid will be determined by the University.
  • I hereby give my permission for the Hardship Fund, the Student Advice Centre, Student guidance team and the Student Wellbeing team to exchange any relevant information relating to my application.
  • In addition, I hereby give my permission for the Student Finance team to gain information, where appropriate, from Student Finance England, and/or my Tutor or Faculty/School office.


* Do you agree to this declaration?

Please review and submit your application below

Staffordshire University ensures information is stored and handled in accordance with data protection law. Please read our data protection  policies for more details.