REGISTRY: Academic Regulations and Compliance Team


The Academic Regulations and Compliance team are part of the Registry and provide support to staff and students on the University's regulations.  It is our job to help students access and understand our regulations and to support them if they need to appeal or raise a concern.  We will apply our regulations in as clear and efficient way as possible, providing a friendly and student focused service.

We are also the point of contact for staff and students in respect of fitness to practise, student disciplinary and academic integrity matters.  We understand that students may find these processes difficult or confusing and so we aim to do all we can to help and support students at a challenging time.

Below are a few facts you may need to know about some of our regulations:


What is an appeal?

You have 15 working days, after you have received your results, to put forward an appeal to  There are only two reasons for which you can make an appeal.

These are:

a) that there has been a material error or irregularity, for example that the examinations or assessments were not carried out in line with the regulations.

b) that your performance was affected by illness or other factors which you were unable, for valid reasons, to claim Extenuating Circumstances for.

You should always provide evidence to support your appeal and this should relate to the time of assessment.  If you would like guidance or support to submit your appeal, please contact the Students' Union Student Advice Centre or University Student Guidance Team.

Appeal Procedure 2018-19 (PDF, file size: 74.32KB)


How do I complain?

Here at Staffs we want to do all we can to make sure you have a fantastic student experience.  If something isn't quite right, let us know and we will try to put it right quickly and without a fuss.

If we haven't been able to resolve your concern, or if your complaint is about something very serious, we have a University Complaints Procedure which you can use.  We will consider all complaints in a fair and timely way, striving to resolve any concerns.  Please send your complaint to

If you are a Staffordshire University student studying at one of our partner providers, you will need to raise any concerns with your College in the first instance.  If you have completed their procedure but remain unhappy, we ask that you contact us directly and we will try to help to find a resolution.  Please contact

Complaints Procedure 2018-19 (PDF, file size: 120.59KB)


What are extenuating circumstances?

We want you to submit your assessments first time, on time.  If you need additional support, please contact your Personal Tutor, there may be something we can do to ensure you meet your deadline.  If something unexpected happens which you could not have avoided, we have an Extenuating Circumstances Procedure which you can use to declare any factors which are affecting your ability to complete your assessment.  You must use this Procedure no later than 10 working days after your assessment.

Extenuating Circumstances Procedure 2018-19 (PDF, file size: 101.35KB)


What is academic misconduct? 

Staffordshire University provides study skills support and guidance to help you understand the rules around academic misconduct and how to avoid breaking those rules. The Academic Misconduct Procedure explains the different types of academic misconduct and how the University will consider any cases.

Academic Misconduct Regulations 2018-19 (PDF, file size: 116.52KB)


What do I need to know about student discipline? 

We want to create an inclusive and safe environment for our University community.  Our Student Disciplinary Procedure supports that aim and will be used in a consistent and fair way to consider any student conduct which does not meet the University values.  We are Proud to be Staffs and we want you to be too.

Student Disciplinary Procedure 2018-19 (PDF, file size: 97.03KB)


What is fitness to practise?

The Fitness to Practise Procedure applies to you if you are registered on an award leading to professional registration, such as nursing, social work or education.  If you are on one of these courses you will also need to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service application.  The Fitness to Practise Procedure explains how the University will consider fairly and consistently any criminal convictions, or behaviour which may be below the expected standard.

Fitness to Practise Procedure 2018-19 (PDF, file size: 80.97KB)


If you have any queries relating to the above procedures or you would like an update on the progress of an ongoing case, please email or contact the Academic Regulations and Compliance Team:  

Regulations and Compliance Officer
Steph Bates   
U018 Trent Building, Leek Road, Stoke-on-Trent
t: 01782 294326

Regulations and Compliance Advisor 
Ashley Steadman
U018 Trent Building, Leek Road, Stoke-on-Trent
t: 01782 294288

Regulations and Compliance Advisor 
Emma Cowdell
U018 Trent Building, Leek Road, Stoke-on-Trent
t: 01782 294069

Regulations and Compliance Administrator 
Jane Sheldon
U018 Trent Building, Leek Road, Stoke-on-Trent
t: 01782 294019


Complaints - Students' Union

Office of the Independent Adjudicator - 

Where your complaint relates to Union services, please report it to the Students' Union Reception staff who will provide you with details of its complaints policy and procedure.

t: 01782 294629 Stoke