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Other sources of support

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Some of the organisations listed on this page are local to the Staffordshire area and some are national.  The list is arranged by issue/subject.  We hope this information is helpful. Please note that Staffordshire University is not responsible for the quality, accuracy or effectiveness of the services, information or advice provided by organisations external to the University.

You may also find this information sheet helpful, which summarises some of the support available: Information about accessing other support (PDF, file size: 129KB).

Abuse and sexual assault


Offering support for people experiencing or concerned about domestic abuse. Glow is part the Honeycomb Group of services, which include support for housing and homelessness.

Telephone: 0330 0945559 (domestic abuse helpline) Email:


New Era 

Offering confidential 24 hour victim support and information in Staffordshire contact New Era – New Era is the new holistic Domestic Abuse ( on 0300 303 3778 (24-hour victim helpline). New Era also provide information and support to perpetrators who are concerned about their behaviour on 01785 904770 ( office hours). 



Offering support for people experiencing or concerned about domestic abuse.

24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0808 2000 247 You can also chat to them online, live: Monday – Friday, 3pm – 6pm.

Women's Aid

Supporting women and children experiencing domestic abuse.


Savana offers support and information to anyone who has encountered or experienced any form of sexual assault or violence at some point in their lives.

Unit C, Metro Business Park, Clough Street, Hanley, ST1 4AF.
Telephone: 01782 433204 or 433205 (24 hour message line)

Survivors UK

Offering information and support for males who have experienced sexual abuse or rape.

Helpline Web Chat - 12pm - 8pm every day.  For information:  Telephone: 0203 5983898 9.30am - 5pm weekdays.

Karma Nirvana

Supporting victims of forced marriage and honour based abuse.

Telephone: 0800 5999 247 Email:

Rape Crisis

Rape Crisis England & Wales is the umbrella body for a network of independent Rape Crisis Centres.  You can find your nearest Rape Crisis Centre, use a live-chat helpline and find out more information via the Rape Crisis website

There is also a national telephone helpline: 0808 802 9999.  The live-chat and phone lines are open at various times during the week. Email:

Staffordshire University Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Team

The team offers support to any Staffordshire University student who has experienced sexual violence.

Telephone: 01782 294374 Email:

Staffordshire Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) - Grange Park

Cobridge Community Health Centre
Church Terrace
Telephone: 0800 970 0372 or 101 if you want to access the service with Police support.

The Glade Sexual Assault Referral Centre
  - Centres in Worcestershire and Telford

Sexual Assault Referral Centres are specialist Centres providing support to anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted.

Telephone: 0808 178 2058 open 24 hours every day.

For information about options to consider immediately after a rape or sexual assault, visit the NHS Choices web pages.


Humankind - Staffordshire Treatment and Recovery Service

Services and support to meet people’s complex health and social needs, helping them to build healthier lives that have meaning and value for themselves and their families.

Telephone: 01325 731 160 Email:

Staffordshire Treatment and Recovery Service – STARS

A drug and alcohol recovery service provided on behalf of Staffordshire County Council.  There are service hubs in Leek, Newcastle under Lyme, Stafford, Burton and Tamworth, each have their own local contact details.

Stoke on Trent Community Drug & Alcohol Service (cdas)

Offering support to anyone struggling with the impact of alcohol or drugs.

Wood House, Etruria Road, Stoke-on-Trent ST1 5NQ Telephone: 01782 283113 Email:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Helping people with alcohol problems.

Telephone: 0800 917 7650 Email: help@aamail.orgAlcoholics Anonymous

Rehab 4 Addiction

Rehab 4 Addiction offers a wealth of resources and
information about addiction and mental health, which could be
invaluable to those in need. Secondly, we provide a helpline that
offers immediate assistance to those struggling with addiction, a
service that could be life-saving for some of your readers. Lastly, we
offer a comprehensive directory of treatment centres throughout the
UK, making it easier for those in need to find help near them.




The Dove Service

The Dove Service offers counselling and support to those struggling with the impact of bereavement, significant loss, or life changing/limiting illness.

The Dudson Centre, Hope Street, Hanley, Stoke on Trent Telephone: 01782 683155


Take our Hand

Take our Hand are a national grief service for young people aged 16-25yrs old.

You can find out more on,

Cruse Bereavement Care

Offering information and support to anyone affected by bereavement.

National helpline: 0808 808 1677 Email:

Support After Suicide Partnership

A Network of organisations supporting people bereaved or affected by suicide.

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

Offering information and support to anyone affected or bereaved by suicide.

Telephone: 0300 111 5065  open 9am – 9pm every day Email:

Funeral Guide - students 

Website offering resources and guidance for students and staff who have been bereaved. Students - Funeral Guide

Concern for others

If you are concerned about the mental wellbeing of a Staffordshire University student and would like to speak to a member of staff, please contact the Student Wellbeing team. If the situation is urgent and it is outside of our opening hours, see our Emergency and 24-hour Support page for other options.


Provides a variety of information, including how to help someone experiencing difficulties  You can browse the information on the website by the type of difficulty you need support with.

Mental Health Foundation

Provides an A-Z Mental Health index of a variety of information and includes a section on friends and mental health.

Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

Provides a variety of information, including tips for parents supporting their children.


#TalkSuicide - Suicide prevention campaign

#TalkSuicide provides, amongst other things, information about supporting someone you may be concerned about.


Student Minds 

Has information on what you can do to support a friend in need, but it also crucially has advise for you to look after yourself when supporting a friend.


Victim Support

Offers support and information for victims of crime.

National Support line: 0808 168 9111

Staffordshire Victim Gateway

Offering information, advice and support to all victims of crime in Staffordshire, even if you haven't reported the crime to the Police.

Telephone: 0330 0881 339


Frank - a national drug helpline

24-hour advice and help.  This can be offered in a variety of different languages.

Telephone: 0300 123 6600


Helpline offering information on all aspects of drugs and drug-taking including legal advice.

Telephone: 0207 324 2989 Email:

Humankind - Staffordshire Treatment and Recovery Service

Services and support to meet people’s complex health and social needs, helping them to build healthier lives that have meaning and value for themselves and their families.

Telephone: 01325 731 160 Email:

Staffordshire Treatment and Recovery Service – STARS

A drug and alcohol recovery service provided on behalf of Staffordshire County Council.  There are service hubs in Leek, Newcastle under Lyme, Stafford, Burton and Tamworth, each have their own local contact details.

Stoke on Trent Community Drug & Alcohol Service (cdas)

Offering support to anyone struggling with the impact of alcohol or drugs.

Wood House, Etruria Road, Stoke-on-Trent ST1 5NQ Telephone: 01782 283113 Email:

Eating Disorders


Offering support and information about eating disorders.

Helpline: 0808 801 0677 Studentline: 0808 801 0811 Email:

Battle Scars

Offering resouces and online peer support groups for 18+ for all forms of self-harm including disordered eating. webpage: Battle Scars - Home (




Anxiety UK

Offering information and support to anyone affected by anxiety.

Telephone: 03444 775774 (infoline) open weekdays 9.30am-5.30pm

Bipolar UK

Offering information and support groups to anyone affected by Bipolar.

Black, African and Asian Therapy Network

Offering information and counselling/therapy in the UK through its members.


Changes is a user-led mental health charity that offers weekly mutual-help groups and wellbeing workshops, at various times and venues in Staffordshire.   Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Changes has moved most of their provision to online services.

Telephone: 01782 413101 Office is open weekdays 9.00am - 5.00pm.

Combat Stress

Offering support to UK Veterans suffering mental ill-health caused by military service.

Telephone: 0800 138 1619 open 24hrs every day Email:

Healing Circles 

The circles are a safe space to share for the black african and caribbean community as a form of therapeutic intervention supporting individuals to build resilience, address trauma, build collective cohesion and develop family support for an individual’s mental health and wellbeing. Further information is available Healing Circles - Living Well UK (


Mind is a national mental health charity offering information and support, including counselling.

North Staffs MIND: 83 Marsh Street, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, Staffs, ST1 5HN
Telephone: 01782 262100 Email:

Chaplaincy Services

Offering spiritual support as well as general help and encouragement, and information about faith groups within the University and locally. 'Mick the Vic' is the senior chaplain.

Telephone: 07887 655487 Email:

NHS Mental Health Teams

NHS Mental Health Teams can provide mental health assessment, support and referral.  People are often referred into these services ( a GP) but you can also access them direct, particularly if you are seeking urgent support.
NHS Mental Health Access Team for South Staffordshire Telephone: 0808 196 3002 and for Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin Telephone: 0808 196 4501
NHS Mental Health Crisis Care Team for Stoke on Trent and North Staffordshire
Telephone: 0300 123 0907 open 24 hours every day

NHS Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Wellbeing Service - Psychological therapy teams for Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire.

OCD Action

Offering advice and support to anyone affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Telephone: 0845 390 6232 open 9.30am - 8.00pm weekdays Email:


Offering advice, support and information to anyone affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Telephone: 03332 127890 Email:


Offers support and advice to young people (under 35) having suicidal thoughts or anyone concerned about a young person having suicidal thoughts.

HOPELineUK Telephone: 0800 068 4141 Email: Text: 07860 039967 Open 9am - 12am (midnight) every day.


SANE provides emotional support, guidance and information to anyone affected by mental illness, including families, friends and carers.

Telephone: 07984 967 708 Email:

Self-injury Support

The Self-injury support website has lots of information about self-harm and also provides information on support groups and helplines throughout the country.


Battle Scars

Offering resouces and online peer support groups for 18+ for all forms of self-harm including disordered eating. webpage: Battle Scars - Home (

Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline

Offering support to anyone over 18 and living in Staffordshire who is feeling concerned, worried, stressed or low.

Telephone: 0808 800 2234 Text: 07860 022821 Helpline open: 7pm - 2am weekdays, 2pm - 2am weekends.

NHS Health Centres (You can search for local NHS services online)

Student Minds

Providing support, training, campaigns and information regarding student mental health.

The Calm Zone

Offering support to anyone who is feeling down and feel they need to talk or find information and support.

Telephone: 0800 585858 open 5pm - 12.00am (midnight) every day

The Muslim Youth Helpline

The Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH) is a registered charity which provides faith and culturally sensitive support to young people in the UK.

Telephone: 0808 808 2008 Email: open every day 4pm - 10pm

The Samaritans

Offering support to anyone, whatever you are going through.

Telephone: 116 123 Email: open 24 hours every day


If you are struggling with Gambling including Gaming apps and you feel this is getting out of control.  Please visit TalkBanStop which is a partnership combining practical tools and support to help you stop gambling. 


GamCare provides support, information and advice to anyone suffering through a gambling problem.  They offer a helpline, live chat, group chat and a forum.

Telephone: 0808 8020133 open 24/7 every day


Ygam provides help and support to anyone effected by gaming and gambling. There is also a specific support available for students via their student hub. contact via their website here 


Gambleaware provides information to anyone concerned about gambling.

Telephone: 0808 8020133 (national gambling helpline) open 24/7 every day


Mindline Trans+

Offering a confidential emotional mental health support helpline for people who identify as Trans, Agender, Genderfluid, or Non-binary.

Telephone: 0300 330 5468 lines are open Mon, Wed and Fri Evenings 8pm-Midnight.

Staffordshire Sexual Health Charity provides free, confidential counselling services for LGBTQAI+ and support groups. Counselling appointmentts are delivered in the Dudson Centre in Hanley. 


Offering information and support groups at various locations around Stoke and Staffordshire.

Telephone: 07470 485425 Email:

Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

Switchboard provides a one-stop shop listening service for LGBT+ people.

Telephone: 0300 330 0630 Email: open 10.00am - 10.00pm every day


Information and support for LGBT communities and their allies.

Telephone: 0800 0502020 Email: open weekdays 9.30am - 4.30pm



Staffordshire Sexual Health Charity provides free, confidential counselling services and support groups for people living with HIV and also provides testing. .Telephone 01782 201251

Terrance Higgins Trust Helpline

Offering information on all aspects of HIV and sexually transmitted infections.

Telephone: 0808 8021221



Offering support and advice for single parents.

Telephone: 0808 802 0925 opening times vary

Family Support and Children's Safeguarding (Stoke on Trent City Council)

Offering support to anyone who has safeguarding concerns for a child or who would like family support for themselves.

Telephone: 01782 235100


NHS Health Centres (You can search for local NHS services online)

Should you experience a miscarriage then you may find information on The Miscarriage Association of support, they have a help line of 01924 200799 that operates 9am-4pm Mon-Fri.

Race and Culture

Provides a list of therapists working to recognise the ways in which culture, faith, religion, colour, social background, sexuality, gender and neurodiversity affect people's experiences.

BAATN (The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network)

Provides a list of therapists from Black, African and Asian backgrounds, and signposts to local mental health and advocacy services.

BAME Helpline Wales

Multi-lingual helpline offering signposting for people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities to support with health, work, welfare entitlements, education, housing and personal safety. 0300 222 5720
07537 432 416 (text service)

BAMEStream Bereavement Support

Offers free bereavement support (three sessions) for anyone aged 18 and over who identifies as Black, Asian or any other minority ethnicity who has been affected by the death of a loved one due to Covid-19. Support is delivered by Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy. It is available in multiple languages and you can self-refer to the service. 0207 263 6947


Bayo is a space to find collectives, organisations and services from across the UK that offer mental health and wellbeing support to the Black community.

BLAM (Black Learning Achievement and Mental Health)

Offers mental health support to people from Black British communities, including racial wellness workshops. Works to embed Black British cultural heritage and African and Caribbean histories into teaching.

Boloh helpline

A helpline and webchat for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic children, young people, parents or carers affected by the pandemic. Offers emotional support and practical advice. 0800 151 2605

Diverse Cymru

Welsh charity committed to supporting people facing inequality and discrimination. Offers mental health services to people from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds through its mental health projects.

Ethnic Minorities & Youth Support Team Wales (EYST)

Provides services in Wales for young people aged 11–25 from ethnic minority backgrounds and their families, including support for health and wellbeing.

Hub of Hope

UK-wide mental health service database. Lets you search for local, national, peer, community, charity, private and NHS mental health support. You can filter results to find specific kinds of support.

Inside Out Wellbeing

Provides culturally-informed wellbeing talks and workshops, including sessions on racial wellness.

Inspirited Minds

Offers private counselling services for Muslim communities.


Provides mental health support for the Jewish community through online services, community hubs, recovery support plans and education. 020 8458 2223

Muslim Community Helpline

Provides listening and emotional support for members of the Muslim community. 020 8908 6715 or 020 8904 8193

Muslim Youth Helpline

Provides faith and culturally sensitive support to young Muslims by phone, live chat, WhatsApp and email. 0808 808 2008

Rethink Mental Illness

Provides support and information for anyone affected by mental health problems, including local support groups. 0808 801 0525

Southeast and East Asian Centre (SEEAC)

Offers mental health support to people of Southeast and East Asian heritage in the UK, and lists other support options in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Scotland.

Spark and Co.

Directory of support services for people of colour, including mental health services.


Creates spaces for mental health education and awareness for Punjabi communities.

Support with experiences of discrimination and hate crimes

These organisations offer advice on your rights and guidance on what to do if you've experienced discrimination or a hate crime.

Citizens Advice

Free, confidential information and advice on your rights, including money, housing, experiences of discrimination and other problems.

0800 144 8848 (England Adviceline)
0800 702 2020 (Wales Adviceline)
18001 0800 144 8884 (textphone)

Community Security Trust (CST)

Protects British Jews from antisemitism and related threats, including through an emergency number and an online form for reporting incidents.

0800 032 3263 (24-hour emergency number)
0208 457 9999 (general enquiries)

Equality Advisory & Support Service (EASS)

Advice on issues relating to equality and human rights, including guidance for disabled people. 0808 800 0082 (helpline)
18001 0808 800 0084 (textphone)

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

Promotes and monitors human rights and equality.

True Vision

Provides information about hate crimes and an online form for reporting them.

Victim Support

Provides emotional and practical support for people affected by crime and traumatic events. 0808 168 9111


National Family Mediation

Offering mediation to families.

Telephone: 0300 4000 636 open 9.30am - 4.30pm weekdays


Counselling for people experiencing relationship difficulties.

Forced Marriage

Information and support in relation to Forced Marriage.

General advice and information

Citizens Advice

Offering advice and information on a wide range of issues.

Student Experience Money and Guidance (Staffordshire University)

For help and support on a wide variety of issues including your academic studies.

Student Advice Centre (Students' Union, Staffordshire University)

Offering information and advice on a wide range of issues including housing, academic appeals, debt and benefit rights.

Telephone: 01782 294629