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Jonathan Vardon


Jonathan is a Staffordshire University alumnus in Information Systems and has spent most of his early life and career in Staffordshire.

Currently Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Consumer Credit Division at Bradford based Provident Financial Group, Jonathan is accountable for leading their IT, change, property and facilities functions.

Jonathan is also a keen digital start-up advisor, currently working with and part of the advisory team at a venture called Mindsauce.

Prior to joining Provident, Jonathan spent two years based in London as Chief Digital Officer for Europe and Global Head of Retail, for California and India based UST Global, advising some of the biggest and most exciting global 1,000 brands across the US, Europe and India. 

Previously, Jonathan has been the CIO for Digital and Operations at the Cooperative Group in Manchester. He has also been CIO for Boots UK in Nottingham, with responsibility for all IT across the business in the UK, including 3,000 retail and pharmacy stores, 70,000 colleagues and all online channels, and has held a number of senior roles at HBoS and Lloyds Banking Group.

Jonathan’s earlier career saw him at Stoke-on-Trent based Caudwell Communications, Brightpoint and Barclays, with responsibility for deploying change in multiple industries across Europe and the US.

Jonathan now lives in Yorkshire, is married with two young children and enjoys travelling and spending time with his family.