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Strategic plan

Our strategic plan explains our vision of what we want to be and how we are making that vision a reality. It lists the goals we have set ourselves for 2021. It also sets out how we will measure our progress on reaching those goals. 

The Connected University

As the Connected University, we are dedicated to the success of our students, staff and partners.

Our values are to always be:

  • ambitious and inspirational
  • brilliant and friendly
  • curious and daring
  • proud to be Staffs

We plan to achieve our goals by working on our core strategies: connected communities, innovative and applied learning, and talented people.  

Connected communities

  • We unite communities in inspirational environments, as an intellectual hub for those we serve.
  • We contribute to the social and economic development of our local and regional communities.
  • We’re connected as a leading digital university.

Innovative and applied learning

  • Our research and teaching delivers real-world learning in a global context.
  • Our digitally-led, connected curriculum gives our students the edge to succeed.
  • Our research and scholarship generates new knowledge for application and impact.

Talented people

  • We are creative, innovative and inclusive.
  • We empower our people and celebrate their success.
  • We transform lives regionally, nationally and globally.
  • We build social capital through our diverse connections.

 Read our Connected University Strategy in full below.