Two-year accelerated degrees

We don't all have the luxury of time. With an accelerated degree you'll benefit from the full university experience and new £40 million city campus. But, unlike a traditional three-year degree, you'll graduate in just two years. So you can go on to your graduate job or further study, faster and cheaper.

Benefits of an accelerated degree

  • You can save over £10,000 on your tuition fee and living costs.
  • You'll gain the same degree qualification sooner; you'll just work harder for it.
  • You'll show incredible focus and dedication to future employers.
  • You can complete an accelerated degree and a Masters degree in just three years.
  • Great people will support you while you do it. The intensity of the degree means you'll form strong bonds with students and lecturers.

I believe that there are benefits to studying a two-year degree. You have less student debt, paying for only two years of tuition overall but continuing to study throughout summer. This really helps you learn about yourself as an individual and focus on managing your time effectively, preparing you for the nature of a full-time employment role.

Laura Montague, Accounting and Finance

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