Courses available as accelerated degrees

Accounting and Finance

On our two-year accelerated Accounting and Finance degree, you'll learn how to guide every decision, from recruitment and expansion to acquisitions.

Accounting and Finance two-year accelerated

Business Management

On our two-year accelerated Business Management degree, you'll gain key insights on how to deal with business issues, decisions and challenges as they emerge.

Business Management two-year accelerated

English Literature

Our English degree will fast-track your ability to creatively interpret the most complex language in the world.

English two-year accelerated


We'll fast-track your ability to work as a journalist on our two-year accelerated degree. In fact, we'll treat you as a journalist from day one.

Journalism two-year accelerated


From murder and crime to business and regulation, you'll investigate the principles that impact society on our two-year accelerated Law degree.

Law two-year accelerated

I would highly recommend an accelerated degree as it is only a 24 month course which saves you a lot of time and money compared to the normal three-year degree. I know it seems long and hard to do it, but constant work will keep you busy and you won't realise that it is all over in a tick.

Olena Florek, Accounting and Finance student

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