Two Year Fast Track Degrees

A Fast Track degree is your edge in starting your graduate job or further study faster and cheaper. You'll get the full university experience with a Fast Track degree. But, unlike a traditional three-year degree, you'll finish in just two years. Meaning you'll make the most of our new £40 million city campus, save money and start your next move sooner.

Fast Track Benefits

  • You can save over £10,000 on your tuition fee and living costs.
  • You'll gain the same degree qualification sooner; you'll just work harder for it.
  • You'll show incredible focus and dedication to future employers.
  • You can complete a Fast Track degree and a Masters degree in just three years.
  • Great people will support you while you do it. The intensity of the degree means you'll form strong bonds with students and lecturers.
two year fast track degree quote

"The people at Staffs Uni are fantastic, all of the module leaders have been superb in the way that they support us as students and as people, the people on the course are also very supportive and easy to get along with which helps a lot."

- Samuel Coulson

What to expect from a Fast Track degree

You'll learn on campus with other students during the normal University year. In summer, you'll give up the ice lollies to get an edge over the competition. Studying from home through our flexible learning and support programme.

You'll be well supported. Our subject tutors will be on hand to guide you throughout your degree. Plus, you'll have full access to our library and IT facilities to aid your study.

Fast Track course structure

Fast Track degrees are taught over three teaching semesters a year, with short breaks separating them. You miss nothing undertaking one of our Two Year Fast Track degrees. You'll cover the same detail as the traditional three-yearw degree. You'll just do it over a shorter period of time. This means you don't get a summer break, but you will take your place in the working world a year early and save money.

two year fast track degree learning stucture
two year fast track degree quote

"We have been there to help one another, through the tough times. I can truly say I have met some amazing people that at the end of the day no matter how little or more experienced we have had of the industry have seen each other through until the end."

- Amanda Banks

accounting and finance two year fast track degree.

Accounting and Finance

On our Two Year Fast Track Accounting and Finance degree, you'll learn how to guide every decision, from recruitment and expansion to acquisitions.

Accounting and Finance Fast Track
business management two year fast track degree.

Business Management

On our Two Year Fast Track Business Management degree, you'll gain key insights on how to deal with business issues, decisions and challenges as they emerge.

Business Management Fast Track
english literature two year fast track degree.

English Literature

Our English Literature degree will fast-track your ability to creatively interpret the most complex language in the world.

English Literature Fast Track
events management two year fast track degree.

Events Management

Our Two Year Fast Track Events Management degree will give you the experience and skills for a career with any events organisation.

Events Management Fast Track
journalism two year fast track degree.


We'll fast-track your ability to work as a journalist on our Two Year Fast Track degree. In fact, we'll treat as a journalist from day one.

Journalism Fast Track
law two year fast track degree.


From murder and crime to business and regulation, you'll investigate the principles that impact society on our Fast Track Law degree.

Law Fast Track
sports and exercise two year fast track degree.

Sports Strength and Conditioning

Study our Sports Fast Track degree and you'll learn from some of the best lecturers in the UK for student satisfaction.

Sports Strength and Conditioning Fast Track
tourism management two year fast track degree.

Tourism Management

Our Two Year Fast Track Tourism Management degree will give you the experience and skills for a career with any tourism organisation.

Tourism Management Fast Track
two year fast track degree quote

"I would highly recommend Fast Track as it is only 24 months course which saves you a lot of time and money compare to the normal three years degree. I know it seems long and hard to do it, but constant work will keep you busy and you won't realise that it is all over in a tic."

- Olena Florek

Join us on one of our Two Year Fast Track degrees and you could save over £10,000 on the cost your study. You can get clear, straightforward financial advice from us on 01782 294400. But, here's a quick money saving guide to get you started.

A Fast Track degree saves you money

You'll only pay two years' tuition fees. You can even use a normal tuition fee loan to cover our Fast Track degrees. You'll need to contact Student Finance if you've already studied at university.

As you'll you'll be studying for two years not three, you'll also save on living and traveling costs. And If you apply for and receive a government living cost loan, you'll save money there too.

Degree Type Tuition Fees Living Costs (loan) - living away from home outside of London Total Amount
Three-year degree £27,000 £16,665 £43,665
Fast-track degree £18,000 £14,198 £32,198
Savings £9,000 £2,467 £11,467
two year fast track degree quote

"I would recommend the fast track course at Staffs to anyone because you receive better support from your module leaders, you're put out in to the working world faster but without taking away the university experience that students want, also to top it off it saves you a lot of money as well."

- Marianne Williams

What if I find a Fast Track degree too intense?

You can transfer from a Fast Track degree to a three-year degree.

Can I still do a placement year with a Fast Track degree?

Yes. You can take a placement on our Fast Track degrees before your final summer teaching semester.

Is a Fast Track degree different to a normal degree?

No. Fast Track is the same degree just over a shorter period of time.

Do employers value a Fast Track degree?

Employers value the drive and focus needed for Fast Track degrees. It also gives you different, demonstrable attributes compared to others when you're looking for a job.

Will I have a personal tutor?

Yes. A personal tutor will guide, support and encourage you. You'll generally meet up every semester. With certain fast track courses you'll also have regular teaching contact on-campus in the first year. This ensures contact and the opportunity to get to know each other.

Is a Fast Track degree more expensive than a normal three-year degree?

Fast Track degrees are much cheaper. Not only is there a lower tuition fee, your living costs are only for two years too. You'll find fee information on our course pages.

Can I apply for Masters degree after a Fast Track degree?

Yes. This also means you'll complete a degree and masters course in around three years.

Can International students apply for a Fast Track degree?

Yes. International students can apply for any of our Two Year Fast Track degrees.

I've been to university already, can I still get funding for a Fast Track degree?

You can usually get full funding for a Two Year Fast Track degree if you've completed just one year at university. It's worth speaking to Student Finance England to double check.

How do I apply for a Two Year Fast Track degree?

You apply for a Fast Track degree through UCAS. You'll be invited for an informal chat (face to face, telephone or video call). This will ascertain your suitability for the degree.

What happens if I fail a module on the Fast Track degree?

If you fail any module in the first year (which requires a resit) you'll transfer to the 3 year route. This is to ensure you get the best degree classification possible. Your pace of study is slowed down and to enable you to focus on passing the resit.

two year fast track degree quote

"The course leaders have been extremely supportive. When I was struggling, the course leader spared some time to listen to me when he was on his way to a meeting and, even though no appointment had been booked, he was very encouraging and supportive."

- Marianne Williams

We'll connect you to your future. Join us and you'll be amongst the first to use our new city campus in Stoke-on-Trent. We've invested millions in creating new campus experiences designed around you. Giving you everything you need to open doors and break boundaries.

We've invested £40 million in making student experience better for everyone. So, If specialist laboratories and studios are important to you, we've got you covered. Or if balancing university life in new social and leisure spaces is the clincher, consider it clinched.

two year fast track degree quote

"The Fast Track, although intense, means you can gain a degree in only two years, is cheaper overall and just makes more sense. The continuous learning ensures you apply knowledge, see connections and efficiently learn your chosen discipline."

- Karl McCormack - Fast Track Degree Leader

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