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    The information contained in this Web site is for guidance only. While Staffordshire University makes every effort to check that the information contained in these pages is correct and up-to-date at the time of publication, it cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.
  • Privacy Statement and Data Protection
    At Staffordshire University we recognise that it is important to support the principle of protecting privacy on data transmitted over the internet in the context of current UK legislation. This privacy policy explains how we will treat your personal information.
    Includes:Cookie register (PDF, file size: 31.01KB) . Student Data Protection Statement 2014/15 (PDF, file size: 180.09KB)
  • Freedom of Information
    The Freedom of Information Act 2000 promotes greater openness and accountability across the public sector by requiring all ‘public authorities’ to make information available proactively, through a publication scheme. 
  • Requesting information from the University
    So far as is possible, Staffordshire University wishes to provide its staff and students, and other members of the public, with any information they need about the University. 
  • University Policies and Regulations
    University policies and regulations covering Academic Regulations, General Student Regulations, IT Policies and Regulations.   

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