Great minds

We believe that great minds don't think alike. And we have some of the greatest minds around to prove it. World-renowned in their fields, they're here to teach and collaborate with you. They'll open your mind and doors to things you never thought possible. Here, we've profiled just some of our academic team.

Professor Rune Todnem By

Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Before entering academia, Rune's days were a little different. A former Royal Guard in his native Norway and a NATO paramedic in Bosnia, he now opens business minds.

Rune's prolific. He's co-founder and Vice-Chairman of the Public Leadership Foundation. As part of our Business School, he's also the Journal of Change Management Editor-in-Chief. And he's a co-author and co-editor of several Leadership Organisational Change books.

He is also amongst the top 0.1% of all scholars registered on

"We always ensure research and experience is fed back into the classroom and it's important that our students can interact with people who actually advanced their subject area."

Dr Caroline Sturdy-Colls

Associate Professor of Forensic Archaeology and Genocide Investigation

As a Forensic Archaeologist, Caroline gets world attention for her study of the Holocaust. She's featured in TV documentaries and live appearances across Europe and the USA.

Her research led uncovered a lost World War II extermination camp in Treblinka, Poland. A permanent exhibition documenting the discovery has since opened at the Museum of Struggle and Martyrdom.

Caroline is also a Research Lead in the Centre of Archaeology and consultant for UK police forces.

"We want to give students the chance to participate in cutting edge practical work that will make them stand out to employers."

Dr Sita Bali

Academic Group Leader: History, International Relations, English, Sociology and International Studies

Sita's work focuses on the politics of South Asia. In particular, her attention turns to India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. She's also interested in migration, refugees, and security. A leading voice, her expertise covers key issues including the 'War on Terror' and its world impact.

Sita also leads academics who teach students from the Ministry of Defence. Along with her colleagues, she's helped to pioneer International Relations postgraduate distance learning.

Dr Claude Chibelushi

Professor of Cognitive Digital Media Computing.

Claude has worked his way to the top of his field since achieving his first degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. Following that, he added a Masters in Microelectronics and Computer Engineering before gaining his PhD in Electronic Engineering.

He's been part of a team that's developed groundbreaking technology. The Spectral-360 allows computers to understand what it sees. Rated the best technology of its kind in the world it's now used by UK police forces and Transport for London.

"It's impor